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“I wish I would have said at least two words”: Stranger Things Heartthrob Steve Harrington Role Was Nearly Stolen by Chase Stokes Before Joe Keery Won it and Created History

“I wish I would have said at least two words”: Stranger Things Heartthrob Steve Harrington Role Was Nearly Stolen by Chase Stokes Before Joe Keery Won it and Created History

Steve Harrington, played by the charming Joe Keery wasn’t almost meant to be. Chase Stokes revealed that he had once auditioned for the role of Steve Harrington. The Outer Banks actor talked about how his auditions went horribly wrong.

Talking about a regretful drive to Orlando and the forgetful lines that made it a problem for him, Chase Stokes had no hopes after his audition. Although being a good sport, the actor congratulated Joe Keery and wished him nothing but success.

Joe Keery as Steve Harrington In Stranger Things
Joe Keery as Steve Harrington In Stranger Things.

Joe Keery Almost Lost The Role in Stranger Things

In a Twitter post, Chase Stokes revealed that the role of Steve Harrington from the worldwide fame series Strangers Things was not made for Joe Keery. The Beach House actor revealed that he had auditioned for the role of Harrington until an audition that went horribly wrong.

Chase Stokes in Netflix's Outer Banks
Chase Stokes in Netflix’s Outer Banks.

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The actor revealed that he had driven all the way from Atlanta to Orlando and then back again for his auditions but it went downhill pretty fast. The actor further commented on Joe Keery being a perfect match for Steve Harrington from Stranger Things as the people agreed with the original casting of the show.

“I forgot all the lines and absolutely effed up. I drove eight hours from Atlanta back to Orlando, regretting every moment of my life on that… I wish I would have said at least two words, but Joe Keery is an absolute legend, and he is so good as Steve Harrington. I’m super proud of him.”

Chase Stokes, however bad his audition had been was eventually selected for the 2020 series called Outer Banks. The actor is currently associated with three upcoming projects that are currently in various stages of development.

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Chase Stokes Had To Remain Professional With His Ex While Shooting

A still from Outer Banks (2020-).
A still from Outer Banks (2020-).

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Outer Banks has been one of the most popular series in recent times. The series features Chase Stokes working side by side with his now ex-girlfriend Madelyn Cline. The duo revealed that they had to remain professional while shooting the third season.

“Certainly in some aspects, but at the end of the day, there’s always been a safe space with the job. We’ve said from day one, our job is always to leave the show and the season better than when we left it last. And everybody is still very much a family. Outer Banks has always been a family. And I’m just happy that we are able to remain professional.”

Although he did not get the role of Steve Harrington, he did however get Outer Banks in his resume. The show currently stands at a rating of 7.6/10 on IMDB and a strong 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. Outer Banks is currently available to stream worldwide on Netflix.

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