“I wish this tube wasn’t jammed down my throat”: Jeremy Renner Was Screaming in His Head When His Loved Ones Were Saying Their Farewell After Snowplow Accident

The only way to go is forward states Jeremy Renner as he reveals how agitating it was to experience his 'own funeral'.

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  • Jeremy Renner is on a long, long road of recovery after his tragic accident last year.
  • Renner revealed he felt agitated when people said their goodbyes to him while he was on life support.
  • While he has since proven everyone wrong, Renner only wants to move forward.
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Jeremy Renner is an Avenger in real life, and he keeps proving just how strong he is after the formidable snowplow accident he had last year on New Year’s Day. While trying to save his nephew, he accidentally got in the way of his huge snowplow and nearly died.


Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye [Credit: Disney+]
While he has since gained a more positive outlook towards life after the incident, Renner does regret what he did to his family. In a new interview, he spoke up about how it was watching people saying their goodbyes to him when he was on life support.

Jeremy Renner Felt Agitated Hearing People’s Goodbyes

Mayor Of Kingstown
Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
It has been more than a year since Marvel star Jeremy Renner was found critically injured and airlifted to the hospital after getting run over by his 14,300-pound snowplow. Having broken more than 30 bones in his body, with one of his eyeballs out and skull crushed, Renner wasn’t supposed to make it through, such were his injuries.


However, he refused to be plagued by his trauma and has been consistently working towards his recovery. In a new interview, the actor sat down with Josh Horowitz to talk about how it was after the accident. While he describes the accident as a great learning experience and has been using it to get more positive in life, Renner also talks about how it was for his family.

While he was on life support and not really expected to make it through, Renner reveals a lot of his family and friends came through to support him and say their goodbyes, just in case. Despite the overwhelming and bizarre experience of witnessing his own funeral, Renner exclaims that the goodbyes agitated him.

I remember being on my bed and people are like just saying their goodbyes. I’m screaming in my head, ‘You motherf**kers, I ain’t going anywhere!’ I wish I could talk. I wish this tube wasn’t jammed down my throat.

Ever since he found his way back after the tragic incident, Renner has refused to be tied down or be a victim. Instead, from the get-go, the actor has maintained a consistent mindset that the only way to go is to get better.


Jeremy Renner Just Wants to Move Forward

Jeremy Renner after the accident
Jeremy Renner wants to move past his tragic accident [Credit: Instagram | @jeremyrenner]
Despite undergoing one of the worst possible experiences of his life, Jeremy Renner has refused to be called a victim. Instead, he has taken his worst experience and fashioned it into an inspirational experience that has taught him more about life than life itself. Now more positive and happy, Renner exclaims he has a lot to look forward to now.

While he mentioned earlier that he wanted his family to let him go at one point (see THR), his family and daughter have been a tremendous source of inspiration for his recovery.

It’s always nice to get a little pat on the back of progress. And progress is great fuel to keep progressing. And my daughter, my family has been number one in that fuel. And I’m sure that it will continue. 

Stated Renner while on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And so, instead of feeling sorry for himself, the actor has been consistently moving forward, trying to overcome the experience bit by bit every day.


And his reaction despite the ordeal proves, Jeremy Renner is indeed an Avenger in real life, and we cannot wait to see more of him on the screen!


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