“I would be pretty angry too”: Angelina Jolie’s Father Declared War Against Chris Rock After Backing Will Smith Up Amid Oscars Slapgate Controversy

Angelina Jolie's Father Declared War Against Chris Rock After Backing Will Smith Up Amid Oscars Slapgate Controversy
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Will Smith inadvertently committed one of his life‘s worst mistakes at the infamous 2022 Oscars, and his slap caused him a great deal, more than what Chris Rock suffered. However, Smith was not entirely without support. Support for the Hollywood actor came from all sorts of unexpected quarters.


One such person who came to Will Smith’s rescue was actress Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight. He sympathized with his agony and even justified his actions by saying he would be equally angry if put in such a situation. Such a strong statement coming from the father of such a big star was a huge boost to the Bad Boys movie star, who otherwise was shunned and criticized by many in Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie’s Father Shared His Views on Will Smith’s Oscars Controversy

Will Smith
Will Smith

Will Smith’s reputation got tainted in Hollywood when he shockingly slapped the famous comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars event. Rock cracked a distasteful joke on Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, after which the actor took the stage by storm and slapped the Spiral movie star in front of the live audience. The incident was then widely discussed on social media, with fans calling the whole episode hilarious. 


The stand-up comedian quipped about the Men in Black movie actor’s wife saying, “Jada, I love you. G.I. Jane 2, can’t wait to see it. Alright? That was a nice one,” this joke didn’t sit well with Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband who slapped him and said, “Keep my wife’s name out your f—king mouth.”

Will Smith and Jon Voight
Will Smith and Jon Voight

After the bombshell incident, many Hollywood actors took to Twitter and expressed their thoughts, including Angelina Jolie’s father-actor Jon Voight. The iconic veteran of American cinema said that he knows Will Smith and that if anyone cracks such a joke about his wife, he would be equally angry as he was. Voight said,

“I know Will very well, and I love him. He’s a great man,” adding, “If anyone insulted my wife, I would be pretty angry too.” 

At the 94th Academy Awards, the Bad Boy movie star received an Oscar in the Best Actor category for his remarkable performance in the 2021 American biographical sports drama King Richard.


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Will Smith Apologized To Chris Rock For Oscars Slapgate Incident

Will smith and Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock during Oscars 2022

Will Smith took to Instagram and shared a sobering video making a heartfelt apology for his outrageous actions at the Oscars event that left Chris Rock in complete shock. In the clip, Smith said that he contacted the Madagascar star to apologize, but the comedian replied he would talk when he would be ready. He said:

“I’ve reached out to Chris, and the message that came back is he’s not ready to talk, and when he is, he will reach out. There is no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave in that moment. There’s no part of me that thinks that’s the optimal way to handle a feeling of disrespect or insults.”

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He also shared a lengthy post stating,

“Violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive. My behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and inexcusable. Jokes at my expense are a part of the job, but a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for me to bear, and I reacted emotionally,”

Will Smith had his reputation wrecked by his shocking antics at the 2022 Oscars, after which many Hollywood stars began to despise him. Nevertheless, the Academy Award-winning actor publically apologized to the stand-up comedian Chris Rock whom he slapped at the award night. 

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