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“I would crawl through glass for that guy”: Aliens Actor Worshipped James Cameron Despite Director Almost Suffocating Him To Death After Scary On-Set Mishap

Aliens Actor Worshipped James Cameron Despite Director Almost Suffocating Him To Death After Scary On-Set Mishap

In 1986, James Cameron’s Aliens emerged as a science fiction gem, serving as a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien. This film masterfully blends high-octane action with psychological terror, starring Sigourney Weaver as the iconic Ellen Ripley. It’s revered for pioneering visual effects, rich character development, and its lasting impact on the science fiction genre.

James Cameron
James Cameron

Bill Paxton held unwavering confidence in the success of James Cameron’s Aliens. However, during the London shoot, he did have reservations about his character, Private First Class Hudson. Reflecting on the hyper-tense nature of Hudson, who was often shouting and frantic, Paxton expressed concerns that the audience might anticipate his character’s demise.

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Bill Paxton Was Ready To Do Anything For James Cameron

According to Bill Paxton, the tight-knit bond among the platoon in Aliens was mirrored by the camaraderie among the actors and crew behind the scenes. In this regard, Paxton held immense admiration and appreciation for Hurd and James Cameron.

Paxton told Strange Shapes:

“I would crawl through glass for that guy. It was a great ensemble. We all got to know each other really well, and we all really supported one another.”

Bill Paxton
Bill Paxton

Illustrating this camaraderie, he highlights Lance Henriksen’s portrayal of the android, Bishop. Despite both having been part of Terminator, Paxton and Henriksen didn’t cross paths until Aliens. Their instant rapport and collaborative spirit were evident. An example is the memorable scene involving Bishop, Hudson, and the knife.

In Cameron’s original script, Bishop is the sole participant in the knife game, deftly stabbing between his outstretched fingers on the mess table. However, Lance suggested involving Hudson. This moment, where Hudson becomes embroiled in the game, encapsulates his character’s entire arc, foreshadowing his escalating anxiety throughout the film.

Bill Paxton was almost suffocated to death during a sequence in the film. Different parts of the set were put on fire and things made of plastic started causing toxic gas, making it hard for actors to breathe in that environment. 

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Bill Paxton’s Character Became A fan Favorite

Bill Paxton’s rendition of Private Hudson in James Cameron’s Aliens was truly remarkable. He breathed life into a character who began with unwavering bravado but transformed into a frantic and fragile individual as the harrowing events unfolded. Paxton’s iconic line, “Game over, man, game over!” has cemented its place in pop culture, embodying the overwhelming sense of despair that permeates the movie.

Bill Paxton in Aliens
Bill Paxton in Aliens

Nonetheless, during the production of one of the most acclaimed sci-fi films ever, Paxton harbored apprehensions that the audience might not receive his character favorably. Contrary to his expectations, Paxton’s character continued to be a beloved favorite among viewers, and the film raked in a substantial $183 million in global box office earnings.

Aliens is available for streaming on Hulu.

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Source: Strange Shapes

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