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‘I would love to be that cool, sexy Bond Girl’: Doctor Who Star Yasmin Finney Wants To Become First Trans Bond Girl, Says She’s Inspired By Trans Icon Caroline Cossey

In a recent interview with The Mirror, the young artist Yasmin Finney said she would “love to be a trans Bond girl or just a Bond girl in general”. The 18- year-old said she was motivated by the trans actor Caroline Cossey, who showed up as an extra in the 1981 Bond film named For Your Eyes Only.

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Doctor Who star Yasmin Finney
Doctor Who star Yasmin Finney

Caroline Cossey was a trans actor but her Bond girl wasn’t trans inspired by the character, Yasmin Finney wants to play a trans Bond girl. She told the newspaper that “I love James Bond,” and:

“Every time I watch a Bond film, I think I would love to be that cool, sexy Bond girl that has never been done before.”

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Doctor Who Star Yasmin Finney Has Her Sights to Be a Trans Bond Girl

Doctor who star wants to be the first trans Bond girl
Doctor Who star wants to be the first trans Bond girl

After the movie was released Caroline Cossey was headlined in a newspaper. She told about the experience that drove her to attempt suicide, the actress even went against the British government for trans rights and earned the position of becoming the first trans-Playboy model.

“I just got sick of being ashamed of something I’d never had any control over.”

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Yasmin Finney said:

“Shoutout to Caroline. She has inspired me in a way to be the positive representation that James Bond never had.”

The actress is now 67, and respects the same positivity about actors like Yasmin Finney, and addressed Cosmopolitan:

“Times have changed so much that it’s amazing. I knew over the years when I’d see shows with gay characters that one day there would be more visibility for trans people.”

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Yasmin Finney Pitches to Become the First Trans Bond Girl

Yasmin Finney was inspired by Caroline Cossey to become the first trans bond girl
Yasmin Finney was inspired by Caroline Cossey to become the first trans bond girl

Yasmin Finney, who is going to join Doctor Who for its approaching 60th anniversary, recently talked with PinkNews that she thinks she was “put on this earth to make a change” as a trans actress.

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“I’m still gagged that I’m a person that gets to be the first positive representation [of trans people] in the UK media. Elle is such a beautiful character. She’s so confident and self-assured at such as young age. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that on screen.”

“I’m hoping that everything I do with the representation that I’m giving people, they can see themselves represented, and they can see a positive side of being a queer person.”

Recently the actress proudly received the Attitude Pride Icon 2022 award, supported by Magnum, at Attitude magazine’s Pride Awards at London’s Langham hotel this Thursday.