“I would only do something that feels right to me”: Millie Bobby Brown Hinted at a Potential Marvel or DC Role 2 Years Ago – When is She Making Her Debut?

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Millie Bobby Brown Hinted at a Potential Marvel or DC Role 2 Years Ago – When is She Making Her Debut

Millie Bobby Brown is the superstar who rocked the screens by playing the role of telepathic and psychokinetic teenager Eleven in the Netflix science fiction series Stranger Things. For her portrayal in the series, she was nominated for two Emmy Awards at a very young age.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

She was also seen in the MonsterVerse as Madison Russell in Godzilla vs. Kong and has also teamed up with Henry Cavill in the Netflix hit Enola Holmes.

Can you believe that Millie Bobby Brown, the franchise queen from Stranger Things to Godzilla vs. Kong, has never seen a single Marvel or DC flick?

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But the Stranger Things star teased that she’s had conversations with both Marvel and DC about a potential role in one of their upcoming projects. Imagine Eleven joining the superhero ranks – we all would love to see that.

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Millie Bobby Brown Teases Talks with DC and Marvel

Marvel vs DC
Marvel vs. DC

Marvel and DC sure have ways of mixing things up regarding casting – from A-listers to newcomers. With both studios developing more projects than before, it’s no surprise that some celebs keep hearing their names in the rumor mill.

But in an interview with ComicBook (2 years ago), Brown was asked about any speculation surrounding her involvement with DC or Marvel. She hinted that she has been having conversations with both DC and Marvel. But she will only sign on the project that “feels right” to her:

“I join many conversations. I would only do something that feels right to me, so when that comes along, then we’ll talk about it.”

Though it’s not confirmed whether Brown will be seen in the Marvel or DC flick anytime soon, it appears she is first waiting for that perfect superhero fit.

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Millie Bobby Brown Prefers ‘Real Stories’ Over Marvel or DC

Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown in a still from Stranger Things

When Millie Bobby Brown was asked to choose between some of the greatest film franchises in history, she revealed that Marvel or DC is not her thing. She’s more into “real stories” than those huge epic spectacles because she’s “doing that stuff already” (with Stranger Things).

Speaking to MTV! Brown admitted to the news:

“I’ve never watched a Marvel film. I’ve never watched a DC film. But I’m open to it.” 

The young actress also said:

“I’m not crazy on [Marvel or DC], because I’m doing it. I’m doing that stuff already. I want to see something that’s real.”

According to The Direct, recently, rumors have been flying around Millie Bobby Brown and comic book movies. It was the time when people heavily speculated her to be in Marvel’s Eternals. But it turned out to be false. Still, fans had their fingers crossed for her to pop up in a similar project someday.

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