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“I would sort of spit on the ground”: Fans Got Afraid of Robert Pattinson After He Disguised Himself and Pretended to be a Bad Guy on the Streets

Fans Got Afraid of Robert Pattinson After He Disguised Himself and Pretended to be a Bad Guy on the Streets

Robert Pattinson is a household name by now with his roles in The Batman, The Lighthouse, and none other than The Twilight Saga franchise. Edward Cullen played a significant part in Pattinson’s career as the actor didn’t even expect himself to attract such a huge fanbase with the role. But the franchise also led the actor to face the negative side of stardom as he was forced to disguise himself to move publicly without warranting unwanted attention.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

The Twilight Saga franchise is adapted from the novels by Stephenie Meyer and has attracted a huge number of fans over the years. According to Robert Pattinson, he never expected to amass such a wide variety of fans with the romantic fantasy franchise but he was shocked to see such a craze over his character and the films worldwide.

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Robert Pattinson was once forced to act like a bad guy

Robert Pattinson in Batman
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

It is not easy to be an international star and have a crowd by your side every time you are out there in public. Often many celebrities have been subjected to crazy fans as well who don’t care a bit about the privacy of their idol. Robert Pattinson also faced this same consequence of stardom after he gained prominence in 2008’s Twilight. 

The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire actor has often spoken about the woes of being a star where he can’t move publicly without getting recognized or photographed. This also forced him to disguise himself as a bad guy when he was filming for the sequel to Twilight in Vancouver. He explained the funny anecdote during an interview with TIME where he explained how he used a hood and his amazing acting skills to save him from unnecessary attention.

“In Vancouver, shooting New Moon, I tried something. They have this thought that no one there wears hoods except for problem people. It’s the only city in the world where hoods are not fashionable. It’s like if you’re wearing a hood, you’re going to mug people. So it’s a boring disguise, but it worked when I wore a hood. And then I’d sort of spit on the ground a little bit and do a little bit of shaking around as you’re walking. Everyone moved around to the other side of the street.”

Although Robert Pattinson got habituated to this attention with time, he never liked this invasion of his privacy. He explained how people often wait for him outside exits and also when he gets followed by creepy fans. However, all of this also sounds very interesting when we consider the fact that he never expected this reaction among the fans and was never interested in doing the role as well.

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Robert Pattinson never wanted to be Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen
Pattinson’s Edward Cullen with Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan

Even though Robert Pattinson is the star behind the Vampire franchise, it is surprising how he has often spoken about the nonsensical attributes of the movie or called out the fans. The Lighthouse actor never understood the hype around it and frequently called out the movie as extremely weird or strange.

While things were still acceptable to this point, the 37-year-old didn’t leave the author Stephenie Meyer out of criticism as well. The fans were shocked when he publicly called Meyer mad during a conversation with E! Online. Pattinson added that reading the novels feels like “reading her s*xual fantasy”. 

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Robert Pattinson never missed an instance to criticize the franchise. He admitted that he would have never been a fan if it was not his franchise. The DVD commentary of the first movie revealed that he ran away from the premiere of the first movie midway which speaks much about his perspective towards The Twilight Saga franchise.

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