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“I would tell him I could rock-climb anything”: Tom Hardy Lied to Get Role in Christopher Nolan’s $836M Movie, Had to Learn Skill in Days to Avoid Rejection

"I would tell him I could rock-climb anything": Tom Hardy Lied to Get Role in Christopher Nolan's $836M Movie, Had to Learn Skill in Days to Avoid Rejection

British actor Tom Hardy is one of the Hollywood stars who has worked multiple times with the highly renowned director Christopher Nolan. So far, he has starred in three Nolan films, which are also considered some of the best work of his acting career. The first film he did with the Oscar-nominated director was the 2010 sci-fi film Inception. Starring alongside an ensemble cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and others, the Venom star had his big break as Eames in the 2010 film.

Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan
Tom Hardy and Christopher Nolan

The director and the Hollywood star continued working together and did two more films together, The Dark Knight and Dunkirk. And the 45-year-old actor later revealed that he actually lied to Nolan to land his big break in the 2010 movie.

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Tom Hardy Could Not Ski Before Starring in Inception

Inception follows a thief Dom Cobb who steals information from his targets by entering their dreams, as he takes on a mission that would erase all his criminal history. Tom Hardy portrays Eames, one of Cobb’s associates whose specialty is impersonating others in dreams.

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Tom Hardy in Inception
Tom Hardy in Inception (2010)

One of the sequences in the film features Eames in a chasing sequence on a snowy mountain. The scene required Hardy’s character to ski. However, he couldn’t ski at the time he signed up for the role. He shared that he did not know how to ski and wanted to tell Christopher Nolan the same.

According to Access, the Warrior star thought of lying to secure the role in the film, but then he told him the truth. “No, honesty is the best policy.’ And I said, ‘Chris, I can’t ski at all,” Hardy shared during an interview with Access. He also explained that he learned skiing during filming.

A still from Inception (2010)
A still from Inception (2010)

However, The Dark Knight director shared a different perspective about the Dunkirk actor’s skiing abilities. And somehow, the British actor also seemed to agree with him as he explained what went on behind the scenes.


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Tom Hardy Wanted to Secure His Role

While Tom Hardy claimed that he told Christopher Nolan the truth about his skiing skills, the director shared that he lied to him when he asked him about it. “I remember calling Tom Hardy and asking him, ‘Can you ski?’ and there was a slight pause,” Nolan shared.

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan

And the Mad Max star was asked the same question during an interview, to which he said, “Chris said I lied to him when we first met about whether I could ski.” He then said it was “Chris Nolan” they were talking about, and if he’d asked if he could rock-climb, he’d have said yes to that too.

Who wouldn’t? It’s Chris Nolan. If he asked me if I could rock-climb, I’d tell him I could rock-climb anything,” he said. While it’s unclear if he lied about his skiing abilities or not, the director was impressed enough with his work to cast him in his award-winning films The Dark Knight and Dunkirk.

Inception is available on HBO Max.

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