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“I would’ve left Ellen Page alone if…”: Jordan Peterson Was Pissed Off After Elliot Page Influenced Young Fans By Flaunting His Abs


Jordan Peterson isn’t done with criticizing Elliot Page’s transition, even after the controversial clinical psychologist was banned from Twitter for naming the transgender actor’s doctor a ‘criminal physician’. Recently, the gorgeous actor showed off his new transformed physique in a few shirtless photos and talked about how satisfied he feels working out after his transformation.

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Jordan Peterson repeatedly misgenders Elliot Page
Jordan Peterson repeatedly misgenders Elliot Page

Previously, The University of Toronto psychology professor was suspended from Twitter after tweeting that Elliot Page “had her breasts removed by a criminal physician.” According to the evidence of his account which was leaked on social media, Twitter flagged the post as “hateful conduct” and banned him from posting until he acknowledged deleting it.

Elliot Page’s Photos Got Jordan Peterson in a Rage Again

Jordan Peterson blasts on Elliot Page's photos
Jordan Peterson blasts Elliot Page’s photos

On a podcast with Krystal Kyle and Friends, he explained to Kyle Kulinski why Elliot Page stays the center of his wrath.

“See, I would’ve left Ellen Page alone if she hadn’t been parading her new abs in a fashion magazine.”

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He continued to misgender the actor by using his old name and his old pronouns. And further asked:

“How many kids do you think she convinced to convert? One? A thousand?”

But for Jordan Peterson, it’s all alleged to be “social contagion.” He said:

“She has the responsibility not to entice confused adolescents into a catastrophic decision before they have the maturity to make that decision.”

The issue even drew more attention from Elon Musk, who said the platform has gone “way too far in squashing dissenting opinions.” Jordan Peterson added:

“Well, I don’t know if it got me in trouble, you know, I don’t think I’m in trouble, Twitter banned me, but I don’t consider that trouble.”

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Elliot Page
Elliot Page

This is not enough, he further continued to storm against the actor on the podcast by spitting plenty of typical anti-trans attacks, the professor conveyed concern that the Canadian law would direct to a state of mass panic and tension. He said:

“For every one person of that sort that we hypothetically save, we doom a thousand more as a consequence of confusion and social contagion.”

“Often, when you introduce social confusion, you can produce a psychogenic epidemic. Generally, it’s adolescent females who are more susceptible to it,” he added. “It’s absolutely and definitely the case that we’ve doomed thousands of kids to brutal, mutilating surgery and premature sterility and we’ve done that on the altar of our hypothetical moral virtue and compassion.”


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Written by Shreeparna Das