iCarly: 17 Hilarious Jokes That Didn’t Need A Laugh Track


Recently, fans found out that beloved Nickelodeon series iCarlywhich starred Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor, was receiving a reboot. Fans were sad when the series ended in 2012, but thanks to the reboot, they get to find out where their favorite characters ended up. The series was about two teenage girls and their tech producer running a popular web show, and all the wacky adventures they had, and the eccentric people they ran into, because of it. Several memes have been created to highlight moments from the show and some of its best jokes.

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While the show might have ended, fans can’t seem to get enough of their favorite characters. As a result, they have created some of the best iCarly memes you can find on the internet. No matter who your favorite character or skit was on the show, there is something here for everyone. So get ready to go down the memory lane and even sing-along to the iCarly theme song because here are the best iCarly memes.


So, here are some of the best:-

1. The donuts

Sam says, "Why'd you stick the donuts on that way," and T-Bo, holding a stick with donuts stacked vertically, says, "What're you saying"
It was so ICONIC! Who could forget it?!

2. The new room

Freddie says, "You got your room back," and Gibby says, "Except for your old photos and other personal items that can never be replaced"
At a restaurant, Sam says, "Hey, Spencer," Freddie says, "Hi," Spencer says, "Whoa, I almost didn't recognize you guys not sitting on my couch. How goes it," Sam says, "Good," Freddie says, "Bad," and Spencer says "Well then" and turns to look at the menu

4. The salami.

Freddie says, "Oh, I need that locker," Sam says, "Just standing next to it makes me feel like a princess," and then she pulls out a giant roll of salami and eats it
That is one heck of a salami

5. The Saturday night plans.

Spencer says, "So Fredman, you got plans for next Saturday night," and Freddie says, "Just making cashew butter with my mom"
He is probably too young to go for a night out.

6. The Randy Jackson closet.

Freddie says, "I think I found the light switch. Shut the door," and he and Carly realize they're in a closet full of pictures of Randy Jackson and Randy Jackson paraphernalia
This scene was hilarious.

7. The red apple.

Freddie says, "Hey, toss me an apple," Sam asks, "Red or green," Freddie says, "Red, 'cause green apples always say–" and Sam throws a red apple at him and hits him in the face
My eyes weren’t ready for it!

8. The word from our Spencer.

Over chyron that reads, "A word from our Spencer," Spencer says, "Dipthong"
Why is this necessary? The book was already enough.

9. The mystery banana.

A woman does a magic trick to make her disappear and Gibby appear shirtless holding a banana, Freddie says, "Gibby? How did you–" and Gibby says, "I have no idea. Whose banana is this?"
Sometimes, you can’t stop them no matter how hard you try.

10. The creamed corn.

In a mock space capsule Carly asks, "You smuggled a brisket in here?" and Sam says, "And some creamed corn," while holding up a bag full of creamed corn

11. The camp story.

Gibby says, "Once you turn 15, they won't let you go anymore," Spencer says, "Aww, well, I know how you feel, I remember when they said I wasn't allowed to go to camp anymore," Gibby asks, "Because you were too old?" and Spencer says, "No"
Now that’s a twist.

12. The foot tattoo.

Sam says, "How do you know my mom has a tattoo of a foot on her foot"

13. The knob collection.

Freddie yells, "The doorknob came off," Sam yells, "Why'd you pull off the doorknob," and Freddie says, "'Cause I wanted it for my knob collection"
What’s wrong with a knob collection?

14. The unattractive dates.

Sam says, "I've gone on dates with guys less cute than that turtle," Carly says, "She has," and then Sam gives Carly a look

15. The vest store.

Freddie, while wearing a sweater vest, says, "My mom made me go shopping at the Wild Wild Vest"

16. The defensiveness.

There's a game of hangman on the whiteboard that says, "Mister Howard eats pants," and Mister Howard says, "Who wrote this? Who wrote this lie? Never in my entire life have I eaten one pair of pants"
Rumor has it that people are still laughing at this.

17. And the smoothie.

Carly says, "What you got there," and Spencer says, "It's a smoothie," while he's standing in the loft elevator with an ostrich

           Its smooth AF!

I hope you enjoyed laughing at my article. Stay hooked for more such memes.


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