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Iconic Aquaman Costume Revealed In New Trailer

New Aquaman Trailer Reveals First Look at Classic Costume

The latest trailer for James Wan’s Aquaman has given fans the first look at Jason Momoa’s character in the classic orange and green costume.

Arthur Curry may have been seen in a different costume in last year’s Justice League but it was nothing like the original. Ever since Aquaman fans had been hoping to see the Comic accurate costume and this time, it is coming true to their delight.

The final shot of the new trailer shows Arthur in his iconic suit.

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Warner Bros.

The suit can be seen on multiple occasions in the trailer but that one final shot was the only one that showed him wearing it. The trailer featured flashbacks depicting the old King of Atlantis, with the suit and the trident. Towards the end of the trailer, Momoa abandons his new look from Justice League and returns to the original comic accurate look.

The suit was revealed by both James Wan and Jason Momoa on social media, announcing the forecoming arrival of the new trailer. The poster saw Aquaman holding the trident above water, with a green glove which made it clear that the iconic costume will be seen in the film.

However, going by the storyline, it’s been speculated that Arthur won’t be seen in the suit for long and for it seems right now, the suit and trident are going to be earned and will help Aquaman to retain his throne.

Aquaman hits the theaters on December 21.

Written by Reilly Johnson

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