Iconic Female Video Game Characters With Realistic Body Types

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OnlineGambling.ca has redesigned BloodRayne, Soulcalibur, and World of Warcraft characters to look more like real women. The artist also posts a caption that describes the changes of the character.


Alteration in Women Bodies

Alteration in Women Bodies.
Sorceress from Dragon’s Crown with a realistic body.

There are alterations in women’s bodies in various ways, from weight gain to armpit hair. When it comes to BloodRayne, the description of a new, realistic Rayne is, “Every female video game character has perky breasts.” It says, “But we’re here to make things real. So we’ve altered her breast shape,”

The Sorceress’ recreated character has an appearance closer to what is usually seen. She has visible cellulite on her legs which is peeking through her dress.


Realistic recreation of characters

Realistic recreation of characters
Mileena from Mortal Kombat with a realistic body.

Although her masked face and terrifying gnashes have stayed. In the recreated version of Mileena, the character has a more attainable body type. The body proportion is closer to a common woman.

In particular, players may not be aware of how exaggerated the characters’ proportions are. Gamers can only see that when they see them side-by-side. Because of the nature of its visual aspects, video games represent a particular challenge in terms of achieving realistic body standards. Live-action media uses real performers. Also, traditional animation is generally stylized. As a result, games can produce fictional characters that mix perfectly into a vivid and hyper-detailed scene.

Characters Have Body Hair

Characters Have Body Hair
Morrigan from Darkstalkers with a realistic body.

The recreated characters also have body hair, including the ones in armpit and body shapes that are more common. For example, Morrigan’s recreated version has hair in her armpits. The artist says that Morrigan “doesn’t have the time or desire to shave.” The recreated character also has a pear-shaped body.


With a few notable exceptions, female characters in today’s video games aren’t realistic, especially when it comes to body types. A few minor changes to their designs can make a huge impact. However, many gamers will find these re-imaginings of female characters fascinating and perhaps even inspiring.

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