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Iconic Marvel Comic Arcs The Taika Waititi Thor Movies Have Absolutely Butchered

Iconic Marvel Comic Arcs The Taika Waititi Thor Movies Have Absolutely Butchered

Thor: Love & Thunder may only be the second Taika Waititi Thor movie after Ragnarok. But sadly Taika Waititi Thor movies have done enough damage to the comic books as it is. In his quest to create the perfect superhero movie, Taika Waititi has butchered several iconic Comic arc in such irredeemable fashion we may never get to see them in live-action ever again.

Taika Waititi - Thor Movies
Taika Waititi – Thor Movies

These Marvel Comics arcs deserved better. Taika Waititi Thor movies did them real dirty.

Original Sin

Original Sin - Marvel Comics
Original Sin – Marvel Comics

In the 2014 arc, the original Nick Fury makes a huge enough splash that leads to many Marvel heroes clashing with him. In a fit of desperation, Nick Fury whispers something unthinkable into Thor’s ears. His words are somehow a dark revelation regarding a truth that Thor somehow kept locked in inside his subconscious. The moment the secret’s out, Thor lets go of his hammer. He is no longer worthy.

In the aftermath, an unknown woman finds the hammer and manages to pick it up. That woman is none other than Jane Foster. The Mjolnir hammer has established a telepathic link with her and grants her the power of Thor, Goddess of Thunder. Since Odin is dead, we may never get to see the Odin-Jane Foster Thor rivalry from the comic books.

Unworthy Thor

Taika Waititi Unworthy Thor - Jason Aaron
Unworthy Thor – Jason Aaron

After the events of Original Sin comes The Unworthy Thor run by Jason Aaron. Now that Thor is no longer worthy, he has taken to the mighty Dwarven battle axe Jarnbjorn, a weapon composed of pure Asgardian Steel. Thor is then seen searching for the Mjolnir of a dead universe in the hopes of reviving his people and civilization.

The Unworthy Thor run was one of the bet Thor comic book story arcs in recent years. The Taika Waititi Thor movies, especially Thor: Love & Thunder, have taken multiple leafs from this arc. But in the trailer, we don’t see Thor being unfit for his weapon. Instead, he decides to let it go because he is on some sort of path to self discovery.

Thor: God of Thunder

Taika Waititi Gorr - Thor God of Thunder
Gorr – Thor God of Thunder

Thor: God of Thunder is where Gorr the God Butcher makes his debut. Born at the fringe of the universe on a planet with no name where all people suffer through poverty and famine, Gorr had an unbreakable faith on the Gods. That was until his faith was broken and he started to detest all Gods of all civilizations.

Gorr would then travel across time and space to battle all kinds of Gods. With his trusted Necrosword at his side, Gorr lays waste to all gods and enslaves them at the end of time to build the divine God-Bomb, a weapon to kill all Gods. Considering how Christian Bale’s Gorr is panning out in the movie, the Taika Waititi Thor movies seemed to have mutilated this arc beyond Kingdom Come.

Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk - Marvel Comics
Planet Hulk – Marvel Comics

Thor: Ragnarok was undoubtedly a big blockbuster and a huge commercial hit. It did wonders for the MCU, making Thor the only sub franchise to go beyond a trilogy. There is one point of criticism that Ragnarok will have to endure till the end of days. It massacred the Planet Hulk arc.

In Planet Hulk, the Illuminati trick the Hulk into being ejected into outer space because they thought he was a liability. Thor’s ship would land on Sakaar and he would fight in Sakaar’s gladiatorial rings before leading a revolution against the planet’s tyrant – The Red King. Planet Hulk is dastardly dark and gritty, devoid of kiddy humor. By the time Ragnarok happened, Hulk was already on Sakaar and boy the oh so many hilarious scenes did not help the Taika Waititi Thor movies make their case.

World War Hulk

World War Hulk - Marvel Comics
World War Hulk – Marvel Comics

This is the gravest offense ever committed by the Taika Waititi Thor movies. World War Hulk was, is, and forever will be a masterclass in storytelling. It is superhero revenge saga at its finest. The comic book arc gives us the most awesome avatar of the Hulk – The Worldbreaker Hulk.

After the events of Planet Hulk, the Hulk returns to Earth to avenge his family because the ship he was in exploded, killing his kin. The Hulk and his Warbound wreck havoc on Earth as the Hulk rampages through Manhattan, beating one Marvel superhero after another. Sadly, since the Taika Waititi Thor movies butchered Planet Hulk, World war Hulk in the MCU will forever remain a distant dream.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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