“I’d be shocked if Baldwin spends five years in prison”: Alec Baldwin Might Go to Prison For 18 Months Over Involuntary Manslaughter While Shooting ‘Rust’

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During the rehearsal for the movie Rust, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was unfortunately shot dead by Alec Baldwin in a misfiring accident. The Hutchins family soon filed a lawsuit against the actor and the entire movie production.


Although it appeared that the actor settled the case with the victim’s family, as filming of the movie was ready to start at the beginning of 2023. But new charges have been announced against Alec Baldwin, which may end up in a minimum of 18 months of jail time for the actor.

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Alec Baldwin from the sets of Rust
Alec Baldwin from the sets of Rust

Alec Baldwin might end up facing 18 months in prison

About 14 months after the accident, the actor has been charged with manslaughter and improper handling of a firearm. Considering the magnitude of the charges, the actor may end up facing some jail time.

The First Judicial District Attorney in Santa Fe announced the charges against Alec Baldwin and the armorer, which include two counts of involuntary manslaughter each, that could lead to up to 18 months of jail time. Along with this, the actor may also end up facing charges for carrying a firearm, which could lead to a minimum of 5 years in prison, but appears unlikely. A former Los Angeles County prosecutor stated,

“Baldwin is looking at a possible sentence of 18 months for the underlying charge of involuntary manslaughter and five years for using a gun. I’d be shocked if Baldwin spends five years in prison as a result of this. But that’s the problem with these mandatory minimum sentencing laws.”

On the other hand, the assistant director Dave Halls has decided to plead guilty to the charge of “negligent use of a deadly weapon”, as he gave the gun to Baldwin. Halls is reportedly going to serve 6 months of probation but no jail time.


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Alec Baldwin and Hayla Hutchins
Alec Baldwin and Halyna Hutchins

Former prosecutor urges Alec Baldwin to settle the case before trial

Although it seems that the actor and the armorer may end up facing jail time, some experts believe that the actor could end up avoiding the charges. Former county prosecutor Joshua Ritter has suggested that the actor should try to avoid facing the jury and settle the case outside of court.

In a fox interview, Joshua Ritter provided an insight into Baldwin’s case and urged him to settle the case before facing the trial. As if they don’t have a very strong defense, the actor may be convicted by the jury and end up facing jail time. Ritter went on to state,


“The most likely way this ends up is for Baldwin to settle the case before the trial, “The only way the case against Baldwin doesn’t end in a plea agreement is if his defense team feels that they have a very strong defense Otherwise, they wouldn’t want to put themselves in that type of jeopardy by placing this in the hands of a jury”

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ALEC BALDWIN - RUST SET investigation report evidence, released by Santa Fe County Sheriff.
Alec Baldwin

It seems that the movie Rust, whose filming was ready to begin at the start of this year, maybe on hold for a long time. And according to experts, if things don’t go to Baldwin’s side, he may end up facing a minimum of 18 months of jail time.

Source: Variety


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