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“I’d bitten off more that I could chew, I was scared”: Charlie Hunnam Regrets Leaving Dakota Johnson’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

"I’d bitten off more that I could chew, I was scared": Charlie Hunnam Regrets Leaving Dakota Johnson’s ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Charlie Hunnam had a very quiet life till his late teenage days and like many, he does not come from a family filled with celebrities, so he had to make his own way in Hollywood after he got into it. Hunnam played small roles in movies and tv shows till his 20s and was also modeling for a small time, later on as he went on to star in big movies and make a name for himself in the industry currently, he is one of the best actors around.

While Charlie Hunnam’s career was absolutely self-made, he made very correct decisions in life and also in his acting career to get where he is now, but the Shantaram actor regrets letting go of a billion-dollar franchise lead, the Fifty Shades franchise. Hunnam was initially cast as the lead actor starring against Dakota Johnson, but he had to back due to many reasons.

Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam

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Charlie Hunnam Backed Out of a Billion-dollar Franchise

Charlie Hunnam was cast in Fifty Shades of Grey for portraying the role of Christian Grey but for many reasons he had to blackout from this role. It was, later on, revealed that Hunnam had a problem filming intimate and s*x scenes, and he was also a person who tried to avoid body contact as much as possible so this also played a major part in his leaving the role. The Tripple Frontier actor revealed that he also had upcoming roles in the tv show Sons of Anarchy and the movie Crimson Peak and their time clashed, so he had to choose between them.

Charlie Hunnam in Sons of anarchy
Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy

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“I was going against everything I believed I was. I’ve never been in a situation like that, where I’d bitten off more that I could chew. I was scared there would be negative repercussions.”

Charlie Hunnam in an interview with Us Weekly said that he very much loved the role of Christian Grey, so much so that he immediately felt excited about starring as the character. But this did not happen as he left the role to Jamie Dornan and in an interview with Women’s Health he mentioned that though the script was very well written he was scared about the potential failure of the movie and also of people’s perception towards him. The movie turned out to be a complete success, the whole franchise was a complete success with multiple accolades under their belt.

The Fifty Shades Franchise Earned More Than 1$ Billion

By starring in this trilogy both Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan made a huge name for themselves in the Hollywood industry, and the fact that the movies made it so big helped Jamie Dornan big time as in an interview with GQ he revealed that he was forever grateful for letting him star in this movie. Now the interesting fact is that Dornan also did not want to star as Christian Grey but due to Hunnam’s exit, he had to do his best as Christian Grey and fans absolutely loved it and responded with great box office revenue and fruitful critic reviews.

fifty shades freed 1
A still from the Fifty Shades franchise

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The Fifty Shades franchise consisted of 3 movies and each one of them was a complete box-office major with a total accumulated box-office collection of more than $1.3 billion after its release worldwide, and it had a mere budget of $150 million overall. Moreover, the movies won many accolades such as the BMI Film & TV Awards, the Women Film Critics Circle Awards, and many others, with nominations in the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and much more.

The Fifty Shades trilogy is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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