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“I’d found my way into headline news”: Tom Cruise Beat Will Smith at His Own Game After $350M Actor Believed His Rapping Career Would Outshine Top Gun Star

“I’d found my way into headline news”: Tom Cruise Beat Will Smith at His Own Game After $350M Actor Believed His Rapping Career Would Outshine Top Gun Star

Will Smith’s Oscar slap is still a hot topic. Smith is known for his remarkable delivery of movies and rap. The Bad Boys star has been able to tap a global fanbase with his talent and personality. Though Smith’s profile is currently stained with his thundering slap, it does not alter the fact that Smith is a global superstar.

The actor has been able to collect some of the highest accolades available in the entertainment industry, which includes the Academy Award, Grammy, Golden Globe Awards, and much more. But in his memoir, Will, the Men In Black revealed that he relied on his rap to overtake Tom Cruise and become the leading superstar. 

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Will Smith
Will Smith

Will Smith On Surpassing Tom Cruise

The King Richard star revealed in his memoir that he was obsessed to take over the Mission: Impossible star. Smith revealed that after receiving advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger to ensure the good performance of movies across the globe. The Men In Black star increased his promotional trips and began observing Cruise’s promotional patterns. Smith made up his mind to invest at least two extra hours in his promotional events as compared to Cruise.

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“I started to notice how much other actors hate traveling, press, and promoting. It seemed like utter insanity to me. I started quietly monitoring all of Tom’s global promotional activities. When I arrived in a country to promote my movie, I would ask the local movie executives to give me Tom’s promotional schedule. And I vowed to do two hours more than whatever he did in every country.”

Will Smith's plan to overtake Tom Cruise
Will Smith’s plan to overtake Tom Cruise

But, Will Smith failed to follow such a promotion pattern as it wrecked his schedule completely. The Emancipation star praised Cruise’s devotion and dedication to completing his promotions efficiently.

“Unfortunately, Tom Cruise is either a cyborg or there are six of him. I was receiving reports of four-and-a-half-hour stretches on red carpets in Paris, London, Tokyo … In Berlin, Tom literally signed every single autograph until there was no one else who wanted one. Tom Cruise’s global promotions were the individual best in Hollywood.”

Smith though stated that he found another medium to rise and overtake the Vanilla Sky star. This was his ability to rap. The four-time Grammy winner believed that his rapping skills gave him an edge over other actors to become the leading superstar.

“Tom couldn’t do that — neither could Arnold, Bruce, or Sly. I’d found my way out of the entertainment news segment and into headline news. And once your movie moves from entertainment to news, it’s no longer a movie — it’s a cultural phenomenon.”

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Impressed The Public With His Singing

The Top Gun: Maverick star proved Smith wrong by stunning the audience with his singing in Rock of Ages, where Cruise was seen performing the hit 80s songs. The Mission: Impossible star lip-synced at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Tom Cruise lip-synced The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face song. His performance melted the viewers and forced The Weeknd to share his admiration for Cruise. 

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Will Smith and Tom Cruise
Will Smith and Tom Cruise

Smith may have believed that he would be able to overtake the Endless Love star because of his rap, but Cruise proved him wrong. It looks like the edge of rapping that Smith had back in the day won’t be of any use in re-establishing his career after the controversial slap.

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