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“I’d get yelled at”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Friend Got into Trouble For Smoking Cigars With Him While Shooting James Cameron’s $515 Million Movie

"I’d get yelled at": Arnold Schwarzenegger's Friend Got into Trouble For Smoking Cigars With Him While Shooting James Cameron's $515 Million Movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger – the Governator – has garnered a reputation for his incredible work ethic and professionalism. The same goes for the actor when it comes to interpersonal relationships. 

In a recent retrospective delivered by his close friend and stunt double, Peter Kent, the exact nature and the rollercoaster journey of the pair sounds very similar to the one that was visually and dynamically portrayed in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… through Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, sans the fading glory. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Peter Kent (R) on the sets of Predator
Arnold Schwarzenegger with Peter Kent (R) on the sets of Predator

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Peter Kent’s Experience Working With James Cameron

The incredible friendship that often gets overshadowed because of the fame and blinding stardom of the Hollywood industry is the one that is formed on sets and behind the lens between actors and their stunt doubles. The manner of relationship that then becomes a regular point of contact between these two entities is something that is non-negotiable and irreversible. And the same was the case for Arnold Schwarzenegger and his double, Peter Kent. 

James Cameron with Arnold Schwarzenegger
James Cameron with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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However, the latter in an interview with iNews recalled how he had a difficult time while shooting with director James Cameron. During the filming of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the pair were caught in Schwarzenegger’s trailer, smoking cigars (or, stogies, as the actor prefers to call them) and had a hard time with Cameron and his assistant directors. 

“When I worked with [Arnold Schwarzenegger], we were pretty much together 24/7. I’m one of the few guys who can say I trained with him every day. In the trailer, we would have coffee and cigars in between shots, for which I’d get yelled at quite a bit by the Assistant Directors.”

However, apart from the particular incident on the sets of Terminator 2, Kent remembers his time with the actor very favorably and in a light that accounts for the great visionary skill of the Avatar director.

Peter Kent and Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Journey

Not every actor can boast of a relationship with their stunt double that is displayed in the dynamic between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Peter Kent. And it comes up not only in conversations with Kent but inherently shows in the way he conducts himself, and how he presents the pristine and untouchable legacy of Schwarzenegger while speaking about the Austrian. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger with Peter Kent
Arnold Schwarzenegger with Peter Kent

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The recollection of the time that he has spent with the Governator, on and off the sets of his high-octane action films, is enough to account for an entire memoir of laughs and nostalgia. Unfortunately, an interview and snippets into the lives of the pair are all the audience gets a peek into. And it’s safe to assume it exceeds the kind of adorable and all-encompassing bond that Tarantino displayed in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… 

Source: iNews

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