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‘I’d Love to Be a Part of One’: Why Maisie Williams Wants to Do a Bollywood Movie

Game Of Thrones fame Maisie Williams, who played  Arya Stark in the series is promoting her new show, Pistol. The actress gave an interview with British star Thomas Brodie-Sangster. She discussed various things, and at one point remarked that she would want to do a Bollywood movie one day. We take a closer look at what the star had to say in this article.

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Maisie Williams Wants to Do a Bollywood Movie

Maisie Williams Wants to Do a Bollywood Movie
Maisie Williams

Although she has never been to India, Williams says she is a fan of Indian food and wants to do a Bollywood film in the future. She said that she was introduced to Indian food by a person who lived in the same building as her. Williams said: “I have never been to India, so the best Indian food I have had has been here in the UK. I used to live above an Indian and I would get food from there every single night from my way to home for probably like six to eight months”

Maisie Williams Wants to Do a Bollywood Movie

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When asked about Bollywood films, she said, “I haven’t had the pleasure to watch any Bollywood film yet, but I would love to be part of one with a good script, singing, and dancing,” What do you think of the new show Pistol and Maisie Williams’s comments in this interview? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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Pistol: Where to Stream? and Other Details

id love to be a part of one why maisie williams wants to do a bollywood movie31
The Sex Pistols

The series, Pistol, is about the British punk rock band “Sex Pistols”. the band was formed in 1975. The series is based on a memoir by Steve Jones from 2017, titled “Lonely boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol”. It follows the chaotic journey of the band to stardom. Maisie Williams plays the punk icon Jordan, Brodie-Sangster, on the other hand, plays Malcolm McLaren.

Pistol is currently streaming on Disney+. The first season has 6 episodes.

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