“I’d see that f—ker six times”: Stephen King Has 1 Demand from Taylor Sheridan to Make a Violent Western That Ridley Scott Once Tried to Adapt for the Big Screen

Stephen King was up for a Blood Meridian adaptation by Taylor Sheridan even before John Hillcoat came along.

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  • Blood Meridian is one of the most acclaimed and gruesome novels of the 20th century.
  • Stephen King wanted to see a movie adaptation of the book by the hands of Taylor Sheridan.
  • Ridley Scott came very close to making a film before the studio backed out.
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When it comes to novels being adapted into movies and television shows, Stephen King’s name stands on a throne for the gripping horror stories. Each and every book finds a place within the fans and their adaptations too get a twist like no other. Having seen so many different adaptations, there was one that he kept urging Warner Bros. Discovery to make but to no avail, Salem’s Lot.

Image via Stephen King In His Own Words Featurette
Image via Stephen King In His Own Words Featurette | YouTube

While his own works keep getting adaptations, so much so that the year 2019 saw 4 of his books being adapted. Seeing so many of his own books getting adapted. There is one particular novel by another author that he wants none other than Taylor Sheridan to make. Interestingly enough, Blood Meridian was once almost adapted by Ridley Scott.

Stephen King Wants a Blood Meridian Movie Adaptation

Blood Meridian is an acclaimed novel by Cormac McCarthy. It was published in 1985 and follows the premise of a kid who finds himself mixed in the world of massacres and gang violence occurring on the Texas/Mexico border. It was regarded as one of the best novels of that century although, it is also seen in a controversial light because of its descriptive depiction of violence.

Taylor Sheridan [Credit: Paramount Network]
Taylor Sheridan | Credit: Paramount Network

If Taylor Sheridan made a film out of Cormac McCarthy’s BLOOD MERIDIAN, I’d see that f*cker six times.

Stephen King expressed through X that was the book ever to be adapted into a movie, he would most definitely want Taylor Sheridan to be the man behind it. He even went so far as to state that the Western novel as a Sheridan movie would be spectacular enough to watch at least six times.

Although there is no news regarding a possible adaptation of the violent masterpiece by the hand of Taylor Sheridan, there are many who seem to eagerly be waiting. That is to say, Ridley Scott got very close to turning Blood Meridian into a movie.

Ridley Scott Almost Had a Blood Meridian Movie

During an interview with Time Out (via IndieWire) Ridley Scott talked about how he was very close to getting a movie adaptation for Blood Meridian. He was rather excited about the project and looking forward to visualizing the gore that would have been depicted through the film.

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott | Credit: Gage Skidmore/CC

They didn’t want to make it. The book is so uncompromising, which is what’s great about it.

The violence that was in the novel was what often led it to be classified as a horror work rather than anything else. Scott found the story compelling and ruthless, something he thrived to create. Although, much to his dismay, the studios in charge weren’t too keen on going forward with the idea because of how ‘uncompromising’ the story was.

As per Variety, however, a new adaptation of the book is in the works with scriptwriter John Logan and John Hillcoat as the director. Not only that, but Cormac McCarthy’s son, John Francis McCarthy, would also helm the title of executive producer for the film.

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