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‘I’d watch the sh*t out of that movie’: Henry Cavill’s Marvel Debut as Captain Britain Rumors Takes Internet By Storm – Is Karma Finally Coming for DC?

Henry Cavill's Marvel Debut as Captain Britain Rumors Takes Internet By Storm

2022 has been a ride for Henry Cavill and a rough one at that. From becoming Superman again to losing him in just a month, as well as saying goodbye to The Witcher and then starting his own Warhammer 40000 universe. The year has been a roller coaster for the actor and by the looks of it, it might be time that he moves on from the DC Universe and steps into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

The rumors of Cavill turning to Marvel have once again resurfaced as the possibility of him taking up the role of Captain Britain becomes more and more concrete. Not only that, but this involvement might take place sooner than fans would expect, in Captain America: New World Order.

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Henry Cavill Could Be Joining The MCU As Captain Britain

The rumors of Henry Cavill joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be true as there is a high possibility that the actor will be debuting as Captain Britain in Anthony Mackie’s Captain America: New World Order. The movie is set to be a follow-up of the events that took place in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Having the Enola Holmes actor’s version of Captain Britain could be game-changing for the MCU.

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Captain Britain in the comics

His addition to the Marvel Studios could bring back his era as a superhero, one which had truly been loved by every fan alike, regardless of whether or not they were fans of Superman. The effect he had on the audience soaring the skies could be brought back in another superhero with another set of superpowers. Henry Cavill might not be the Man of Steel anymore but he may very well be a superhero in every other heart. He said it himself that he would love to play a superhero that could explore more of him being British rather than having him use an American accent.

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Fans Root For Henry Cavill’s Entry In The MCU

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Though there is no official announcement at the moment, this news can only be reduced to being a rumor for the time being. This, however, does not stop the fans from welcoming Henry Cavill with open arms into the MCU. They cannot wait to see him become a part of the story that made so many fans cry, and cannot stop making the audience attached to characters who are fictitious.

To the fans, having Cavill as Captain Britain would be a dream come true. Not only would he be returning as a superhero, but he would be alongside the most loved fictional characters ever.

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