“If anyone ever plays that in my house, they’re instantly kicked out”: Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Reveals One Song That Gets On Her Nerves After Claiming She Used to Perform Autopsies on Animals For Fun

Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega Reveals One Song That Gets On Her Nerves
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Netflix’s Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega has revealed her very own Spotify Wrapped this year but it is not what one might think. A handful of years ago, Dance Monkey by the Australian pop artist Tones and I had climbed to the top of every music aficionado’s playlist, and whether one liked it or not, the catchy tune followed a person around like their very own shadow. However, the mutability of the music industry soon after rendered the song somewhat over-exploited, over-played, and saturated. What was once ubiquitous on every music platform has now become poison to the ears, but most of all to Jenna Ortega.

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

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Jenna Ortega Reveals Her Extreme Hatred For Dance Monkey

Netflix’s most-watched English language series and Tim Burton’s series directorial debut, Wednesday has somewhat made Jenna Ortega an overnight sensation. Playing the titular role of Wednesday Addams to its utmost perfection, the series protagonist has become the subject of mass attention, even after spending most of her life as a child actor and in the spotlight. The numerous interviews and events that followed the premiere of Burton’s project pivoted people’s interest in the young actress and Ortega, in turn, has proven herself to be quite a unique and quirky persona.

Tones and I's Dance Monkey makes a historical debut in 2019
Tones and I’s Dance Monkey makes a historical debut in 2019

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Adding to her already elevated status in the collective consciousness, Jenna Ortega has now made a declaration that most of us think about but none of us have ever attempted to say out loud. Tones and I’s hit song, Dance Monkey released in 2019 has been overdone to such an extreme extent that no one, at present, would voluntarily seek it out. But when it comes to Ortega, the song repels her to another level entirely, and she would not hesitate to remove the person playing the tune from her vicinity — “If anyone ever plays that in my house, they’re instantly kicked out.”

Jenna Ortega Does Justice to Wednesday Addams’ Character

If the modern-day re-enactment of such an iconic character was to be played out in a live-action series, no one could be more right for the role than Jenna Ortega. With her grave and sullen face and her somewhat menacing eyes, Ortega brings Wednesday alive by not only bringing her physical traits to the character but by portraying the Addams Family’s only daughter in her most sinister and socially rebellious form.

Jenna Ortega arrives at Wednesdays black carpet premiere
Jenna Ortega arrives at Wednesday‘s black carpet premiere

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Created by American cartoonist Charles Addams for The New Yorker cartoons in 1938, The Addams Family was a statement meant to parody the vision of the white picket fence society of the American suburb. The absurdism portrayed through the characters in the cartoon was each significantly shaped to be defiant to the established norms of the era’s contemporary social culture. And Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday perfectly captures that defiance in her walk and her presence and gives more than just a literary-accurate depiction of what Wednesday Addams is supposed to be.

Wednesday is currently streaming on Netflix.


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