“If he doesn’t lose the leg altogether”: Avengers star Jeremy Renner’s Friends Are Worried He Might Never Walk Again After His Near Death Experience

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Jeremy Renner’s recent accident at the beginning of this year has left thousands of fans in utter dismay. The actor who rose to stardom after playing the role of Hawkeye in MCU has gone through some severe injuries at the turn of 2023.


Although Jeremy Renner is out of danger for the moment, his friends fear that the damage to the actor might be permanent according to reports.

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Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner’s recovery is going to be slow

Jeremy Renner suffered a life-threatening accident near his ranch in Northern Nevada while he was helping his friend with the snow plow. But in an unfortunate event, the snow plow malfunctioned and he was run over by the 14,300-pound machine. The actor lost a good amount of blood after the accident and suffered blunt chest trauma with several bone fractures. Florida-based Dr. Gabe Mirkin mentioned the actor’s current condition by stating,

“Blunt chest trauma means he could have cracked his ribs. There could be heart damage, This will be a long and slow recovery for him.”

The actor later posted a selfie on Instagram and thanked his fans for the support and love they have displayed. The actor later posted another story during his birthday by sharing his gratitude towards the medical staff for looking after him in these adverse times. But even though the actor is in a stable state, his friends fear that the Hawkeye actor may not able to walk again according to reports by Radar Online.

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Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner in the hospital

Jeremy Renner may not be able to walk again

The damages that Renner suffered during the accident are quite severe, and even though he is out of danger for the moment, the actor’s family and close friends are afraid that the damage to his legs might be permanent according to reports by Radar Online. The Arrival actor has already gone through two extensive surgeries and is being held at the ICU. An insider later reported,

“Jeremy’s already had two delicate surgeries. But there are serious doubts he will ever be able to walk right again or at all. His loved ones worry the damage was significant enough to prevent him from moving the way he used to, that is, if he doesn’t lose the leg altogether.”

Another doctor from Florida reflected on the situation by stating that the actor may need implanted rods for recovery and if the situation gets worse, the Hawkeye actor may need to go through an amputation and use an artificial appendage.

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Jeremy Renner expresses gratitude toward the medical staff helping him get better
Jeremy Renner expresses his gratitude towards the medical staff

The Avenger actor is set to appear in the crime thriller show Mayor of Kingstown season 2 which will premiere next week. But the news of Renner’s damage and his situation has left many fans around the globe in a state of despair, and everyone is hoping that the actor gets to walk again after a speedy recovery.

Mayor of Kingstown season 2 will premiere on Paramount+ on 15 January 2023.

Source: Radar Online


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