“If I don’t workout right now, I’ll have to go back and make babies”: Dwayne Johnson Is Looking to Disrupt the Fitness Industry With His New ZOA Plus Pre Workout

"If I don't workout right now, I'll have to go back and make babies": Dwayne Johnson Is Looking to Disrupt the Fitness Industry With His New ZOA Plus Pre Workout

Dwayne Johnson has been a constant believer in fitness and mental stability. The actor religiously trains in the gym every day. For him, the gym is not only a place to build his body but also to have an emotional and spiritual cleansing of his mind and soul. He is very dedicated to this and also encourages his fans to follow in his footsteps in keeping themselves fit and healthy. He is the co-founder of the fitness brand ZOA, which has already tasted success with its energy drinks

Dwayne Johnson promoting his ZOA energy drink
Dwayne Johnson promoting his ZOA energy drink

It seems Johnson and his partners are trying to take the brand to the next level. The company has now announced its newest product of pre-workout powders that Johnson ensures will change the game in terms of individual performance and the ultimate benefit to one’s fitness journey.

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Dwayne Johnson Announces ZOA+ Pre-Workout Powder

Samples of the new ZOA Pre-Workout Powder
Samples of the new ZOA Pre-Workout Powder

Dwayne Johnson has recently announced a new line of products for his fitness brand ZOA. In addition to the already successful ZOA energy drinks, the brand has officially launched a pre-workout powder. The announcement was made on his Instagram in a video detailing the various ingredients and benefits of using the product.


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He further talked about the importance of the new pre-workout powder to aspiring athletes and sportspersons in realizing their full potential, saying (via PR Newswire)

“ZOA+ Powder is a one-of-a-kind, pre-workout drink that is truly a game changer. ZOA+ is a five-in-one advanced pre-workout supplement that’s formulated to help disrupt your world in a positive way and maximize your full potential. I’m also proud to say that ZOA+ is officially NSF Certified for Sport, which means athletes at any level, across any field of sports, including those overseen by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) can have peace of mind that when they use ZOA+ powder, they are using a safe and trustworthy product, which is of the utmost importance to me and my co-founders.”

The new product seems to be a promising one in which Johnson himself has put a heavy emphasis and focus on developing for people who believe in the mantra of good health and physical fitness. He is looking forward to the reactions and feedback from them regarding the product.

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The New Pre-Workout Powder Looks Like The Real Deal For ZOA and Its Founders

The core founding team of ZOA
The core founding team of ZOA

Dwayne Johnson co-founded his fitness brand ZOA along with his manager and ex-wife Dany Garcia and Dave Rienzi in 2021. Rienzi further echoed Johnson’s enthusiasm and excitement regarding the new pre-workout powder for their company saying, (via PR Newswire)

“This launch represents a remarkable stride for ZOA energy, as we reshape the standards of excellence in the fitness industry and beyond. Throughout the development process, I personally tested for performance and taste, and would not let the powders leave my gym until we optimized them just right for our ZOA Warriors, ensuring that every ingredient in the product offers functional benefits. This product features a one-of-a-kind Nitric Oxide support formula that sets us apart in the market today, all aimed at maximizing athlete performance in the gym.”

On the work front, Dwayne Johnson made a comeback to the Fast and Furious franchise in the post-credits scene of Fast X (2023). He also announced a solo Luke Hobbs movie which will serve as a bridge between the events of Fast X and the next Fast and Furious Film which is supposedly the final film of the franchise. He also has Red One, opposite Chris Evans, which is being developed as a potential franchise material.

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