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‘If it ain’t about him, he don’t want in’: DC Lost Henry Cavill Because Dwayne Johnson Outright Refused To Bring Legendary Shazam-Black Adam Rivalry Onscreen

'If it ain't about him, he don't want in': DC Lost Henry Cavill Because Dwayne Johnson Outright Refused To Bring Legendary Shazam-Black Adam Rivalry Onscreen

Dwayne Johnson’s DC debut didn’t go too well after all as he announced that Black Adam will not be seen anytime soon in the new era of DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safran. The future of the Man in Black already looked uncertain after Black Adam failed commercially and even Henry Cavill was also removed by the studio. Some new reports also clearly hint at The Rock’s lack of cooperation with WBD as another reason for the absence of the character from the future plans.

Dwayne Johnson Black Adam FandomWire
Black Adam

Recently, it was reported that Dwayne Johnson didn’t agree to make a cameo in the upcoming Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Further, a recent report also stated that the Rampage actor refused to do a role in 2023’s The Flash. Even though the fans understood The Flash, nobody could figure out why the San Andreas actor denied the Zachary Levi movie as Black Adam is connected to Shazam far more than Superman.

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Dwayne Johnson was reportedly not interested in Shazam vs Black Adam

Henry Cavill had announced his return in the DCU.
Henry Cavill made his return as Superman in Black Adam 

Interestingly, the whole hype around the Black Adam was created around the return of Henry Cavill‘s Superman and Johnson’s plans to show a grand faceoff between the two in the future. Although, it did contribute to the hype, a character that already existed in the universe and shared a more important connection with Teth Adam got completely ignored from the narrative. Ultimately even the highly anticipated Henry Cavill cameo also was unsuccessful in every aspect. It not only failed to save the movie from failing commercially but Cavill also took his DC departure as Gunn’s reboot plans have a new younger version of Clark Kent.

After it was reported that Dwayne Johnson denied being a part of the 2023 Zachary Levi movie, the fans were more than disappointed to miss the chance of getting one of the biggest comic book rivalries in live-action.

Shazam FandomWire
Shazam vs Black Adam in DCAU

Recently Dwayne Johnson took to the internet to announce on different platforms that Black Adam currently doesn’t fit in the initial chapter of James Gunn’s new DCU and we might spot him later on when they figure out a way to bring him back.

It is also to be remembered that the news of the Wonder Woman 3 cancellation and the reports of the cameo cuts from The Flash corroborated James Gunn’s plans for a brand new DCU. But the news of The Rock turning down cameos in the movies welcomed a lot of hate from the fans. They are of the notion that the actor was so hellbent on bringing back Henry Cavill that he ignored the main nemesis of Black Adam in the comics. It also paints a picture of how his relationship with the studio was already strained thereby presenting a question mark on his future at DCU.

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Dwayne Johnson turning down Shazam 2 enraged the fans

Zachary Levi
Zachary Levi alongside the cast of Shazam 2

After The Wrap reported about the Jumanji star denying to star in upcoming DC projects highly divided the internet. The fans called out the former WWE wrestler for being too self-centered and denying projects where he can’t take the lead.

Take a look at some of the Tweets.

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Now, it will be seen how James Gunn’s new plans turn out which he is going to reveal in January 2023. The pain of bidding farewell to Henry Cavill even after he marked his “long-term” return to DC can never be forgotten. But hopes will be there for The Suicide Squad director as he is planning for a grand cinematic universe and already stated that it will consist of some decisions which are unpleasant but necessary.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will hit the theaters on March 17, 2023, while Black Adam can be streamed on HBO Max.

Source: The Wrap/Twitter

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