“If it’s Dracula then…”: Marvel Fans Believe One ‘The Boys’ Star Will Be the Perfect Villain in ‘Blade’ Amid Mia Goth Recasting Rumors

In the wake of the Mia Goth controversy, Blade is on the hunt for a new villain, prompting fan speculation about potential recasting or the introduction of a different antagonist.

Marvel's Dracula and the Boys


  • Marvel is looking for a male villain to oppose Mahershala Ali's character in the Blade reboot.
  • Fans want Antony Starr, from The Boys, possibly as Dracula.
  • Mia Goth was rumored to play villain Lilith, but the recent revelations has the fans confused
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After four long years, Blade is finally seeing some sort of movement. Many do not believe that it’s been so long since Marvel Studios got the fans hyped up about a Blade reboot with Mahershala Ali. But its journey so far has been anything but smooth sailing. They’ve gone through directors and writers left and right. And just when it seemed like things were back on track, another curveball seemed to be waiting just around the corner, now, they’re hunting for yet another writer to give the script a makeover.

Blade poster | Marvel
Blade poster | Marve

And amidst all of this, they want a new mystery villain in the mix, though fans are still in the dark about who they have in mind particularly. Fans started to speculate, and The Boys actor seemed to fit the bill.

MCU’s Blade is in Search for Its Main Villain!

Reports by insider Daniel Richtman indicate that Marvel is actively searching for a male villain to oppose Mahershala Ali’s character in the Blade reboot. This has sparked speculation about the project’s direction and who might be suitable for the role.


Furthermore, fans are clamoring for Antony Starr, known for his role in The Boys, to join the cast, particularly if Marvel is indeed seeking someone to portray Dracula.

Some fans are too obsessed with The Boys' Homelander
Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys. | Amazon Studios, Prime Video

Antony Starr’s knack for bringing depth and menace to his roles makes him perfect for this part. Fans think he’d be a great fit for Dracula here is what they have to say,





The project is still in its very early stages, and amidst all the chaos, fans are holding out hope that it will ultimately lead to positive outcomes. For now, all they can do is wait patiently.


What Happened to Mia Goth? Is She Still in the Movie?

In the midst of the buzz surrounding the new casting, questions have arisen about the whereabouts of Mia Goth. After a standout year in 2022 with memorable performances in X and Pearl, Goth was set to star in Blade.

While details about the plot remain a mystery, speculation was rife about Goth possibly portraying  Lilith, rumored to be the film’s villain. Daniel Richtman, the inside scooper, previously hinted on his Patreon (via The Direct) in May 2023 that Goth would indeed be playing Lilith. However, with the revelation of the recent updates, fans are confused. As per Rolling Stone, a background actor from the film MaXXXine filed a lawsuit against Mia Goth, alleging that she purposefully kicked him in the head during a scene they were filming last April.

Mia Goth in a still from Pearl
Mia Goth in a still from Pearl

Here is what they have to say about the situation,



Although Marvel has not released any official statements regarding the actress’s departure, amidst the chaos, there’s a prevailing notion that both Lilith and Dracula might make an appearance, considering Lilith is Dracula’s daughter.


Nonetheless, the project seems to be in a state of flux, and it might take a while for everything to come together. Fans are hopeful that despite the uncertainties, the end result will be worth the wait.

Blade is currently set to hit theaters on November 7, 2025


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