“If Logan does not marry her..”: Nina Agdal Receives a Warning While Logan Paul’s Verbal Battle With Dillon Danis Gets Uglier With Every Single Day

Nina Agdal Receives a Warning While Logan Paul’s Verbal Battle With Dillon Danis Gets Uglier With Every Single Day

Boxing has long been a sport that attracts a string of pre-game cynical comments before the actual bout in its attempts to capture as many eyeballs as possible. In the era of social media influencers jumping into the boxing ring, the attempts to hype up a game have reached a new level of incessant mocking.

Before even a single punch is thrown in real life, fans get to witness a series of verbal punches, packed into a viral post. KSI and Logan Paul faced off in an exhibition boxing match in 2018 and showed the organizer the sheer potential these YouTube stars possess when it comes to attracting a young and diverse audience, despite meeting with disdain from some sections of traditional boxing fans.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul.

Now, the face-off between Logan Paul and mixed martial artist Dillon Danis has taken the discourse around the cash (and view) grab event to even shallower depths, embroiling another individual in the mess.

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A Look at Logan Paul’s Verbal Battle With Dillon Danis Which Continues to Get Uglier

Dillon Danis is set to take on Logan Paul at the Manchester Arena on October 14 on the back of a long-standing feud. The two have been going at each other on social media ever since the announcement, with the digs intensifying and getting uglier with every day.

Nina Agdal and Logan Paul
Nina Agdal and Logan Paul.

In the midst of this all, Danis shared a picture of Nina Agdal – fiancée of the YouTuber turned WWE star – with Leonardo DiCaprio. That post and its insinuations generated a big response on social media, opening floodgates of posts digging up the Danish model’s past encounters with a number of famous personalities.

He took things to a more explicit level by posting a (seemingly personal) clip of Agdal asking for a “big fat sausage”. Earlier this month, the model filed a lawsuit against Danis, for “revenge p-rn.” As per ESPN, in her complaint against her fiancée’s opponent, she is “claiming two counts of disclosure of an intimate image and one count of invasion of privacy.”

We can’t verify the authenticity of every suggestion Danis has made through his ceaseless attacks on Agdal, but his antics have certainly done a lot of damage to her image, at least on social media.

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Nina Agdal Receives a Warning About the Impact of Dillon Danis’ Verbal Attacks

American commentator and writer Candace Owens has now jumped in to share her thoughts on how Agdal could end up on the losing side as a result of this back-and-forth between Paul and Danis.

Logan Paul proposes Nina Agdal
Logan Paul proposes Nina Agdal.

“If Logan does not marry her, I don’t think there’s going to be a man that does not take this into account. I mean the videos are, it’s ridiculous,” she said during her appearance on PBD podcast

As far as Paul’s thoughts on his relationship with the model are concerned, he has not indicated any change of opinion concerning Agdal. In fact, recently he insisted their relationship is so much stronger despite a slew of posts from Danis.

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Source: ESPN, PBD podcast

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