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“If she does it, I’m in”: Charlize Theron Laid Down One Condition for ‘All-Female’ Fast & Furious Spin-Off With Michelle Rodriguez

"If she does it, I'm in": Charlize Theron Laid Down One Condition for 'All-Female' Fast & Furious Spin-Off With Michelle Rodriguez

For decades, the Fast & Furious franchise has entertained the fans with its enthralling action sequences which cannot be completed without the mix of drama. Having been headlined by none other than Vin Diesel, it has continued to be one of the biggest action franchises to date. Though the arc is also pushing female-led characters to charm the fans on-screen, is there any chance for a female-led spin-off?

The Fast & Furious crew
Fast & Furious franchise

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Well, the answer is quite close as the franchise headliner had already announced a possible female-led spinoff. While things are yet to unfold properly, Charlize Theron is all ready to give it a go but laid down one condition.

Charlize Theron is Down for The Fast & Furious Spinoff But With Dame Helen Mirren

Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren with Vin Diesel
Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren with Vin Diesel

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In a 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Charlize Theron opened up about joining the Fast & Furious female spin-off which has been a hot topic ever since Vin Diesel announced working on it.

Theron debuted as Cipher, a cyber-terrorist in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious and reprised the role in 2021’s F9. She was also seen in the 10th film, Fast X alongside Dame Helen Mirren and Michelle Rodriguez among several others.

When asked if she would be down for a Cipher spin-off in the franchise, she straightaway gave a reply, “If Dame Helen Mirren does it, I’m in.”

Given her fanbase and acting portfolio are not restricted to this franchise, she is surely going to bring a new dynamic to the project (if there is any planned for her). Not just that, but Mirren’s entry in the franchise is the same as Theron’s as she portrayed the role of Magdalene Shaw – mother of Deckard, Owen, and Hattie in the 2017 and 2021 projects. She starred alongside Theron for the third time in the new film. Given that Theron has made up her mind about the possible female-led project, would Michelle Rodriguez be a part of it?

Michelle Rodriguez is Ready to Pass The Baton to Future Generation

Vin Deisel and Michelle Rodriguez in a still from F9: The Fast Saga
Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez in a still from F9: The Fast Saga

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Michelle Rodriguez stars opposite Diesel in the franchise as she plays the wife of the latter’s character, Dominic in the franchise. Given that she has already given a massive action-packed performance to the films, leading a spinoff is nothing new to her. Instead, she hinted at allowing exploring further talent present in her film series. In an interview with Variety this month, she stated,

“You pass the baton on, you take the backseat, you go passenger side, you do all of these things.”

Even, Diesel confirmed that he “started developing the female spinoff” with other spinoffs in 2017 which may be unveiled in the near future. He mentioned how his characters in the films are much more worth than 5 or 10 seconds which is the reason why he wants to let fans experience more of what the franchise can offer in the near future.

Fast X is running in theatres.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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