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“If she’s over 30, you don’t even have to worry about Leo”: Joe Rogan Obliterated Leonardo DiCaprio, Said He Won’t Even Look at ‘Old’ Gold-diggers Aiming for His $260M Fortune

"If she's over 30, you don't even have to worry about Leo": Joe Rogan Obliterated Leonardo DiCaprio, Said He Won't Even Look at 'Old' Gold-diggers Aiming for His $260M Fortune

If there is a person that has reached the pinnacle of superstardom in the Hollywood industry, Leonardo DiCaprio fits that description with relative ease. Being a part of some of the most commercially and critically successful films in history, he has established his name amongst the few stars that are at the top of the food chain in the film industry.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

While the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape star might be famous for the superior and fine-tuned acting skills that he has sharpened throughout the years or his extremely good looks that are just aging like a vintage wine, he is also infamous for his dating game and choice in his long list of girlfriends. Thus, he was once trolled by podcast host Joe Rogan for this particular habit.

Joe Rogan Trolled Leonardo DiCaprio For His Infamous Habit

Leonardo DiCaprio and Joe Rogan
Leonardo DiCaprio and Joe Rogan

Along with his superhit films like Titanic and Wolf Of Wall Street, the thing that the Hollywood Heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio is infamous for is only dating women in the age group of 19 to 25 years of age. And before his girlfriend turns more than 25 years old, the star breaks up with them to find another girlfriend in the aforementioned age group. Thus, the star has amassed quite a few names in his dating life. And thus, Joe Rogan is not worried about women that are older than 25 taking advantage of the Hollywood star.

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During one of his podcast episodes with Bridget Phetasy, the UFC host talked about how his trip to Italy made him realize that all the yachts on the pier would be filled with rich people when he gave an example of how many gold diggers would be on those boats. Then, Phetasy jokingly talked about how one of them could even latch on to Leonardo DiCaprio, who is infamous for throwing parties on his yacht. Rogan then says that he has no worries about the star as he will not fall for the ‘Old’ ones that are above 25 years of age.

During the episode, he said:

“If she’s over 30 yo don’t have to worry about it. Remember the photos of Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend, she was smiling at him, and Jeff Bezos was joking around about pushing him off a cliff. They’re like you don’t have to worry about her bro, she’s 50”

With that being said, DiCaprio is still with his old habits of dating women significantly younger than him, and will probably continue that trend for some time to come.

What’s Next For Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone in a still from Killers of The Flower Moon
Leonardo DiCaprio and Lily Gladstone in a still from Killers of The Flower Moon

After delivering a smashing hit for Netflix with their original comedy film Don’t Look Up, DiCaprio is back again with legendary director Martin Scorsese in his upcoming film Killers of The Flower Moon alongside many recognizable faces like Brendan Fraser, Robert De Niro and many more. The story is based on the crime novel by David Grann and is adapted to a live-action film by Scorsese. The story is based on the true tale of the Osage Murders.

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Killers of The Flower Moon, releasing on Apple TV in May 2023

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