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“If this ever happened on a James Cameron film”: Danny DeVito’s Brutal Prank on His Close Friend Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Have Gotten Him Fired by James Cameron

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During the history of bodybuilding, there has been none that has come close to the amount of success and recognition that Arnold Schwarzenegger has accomplished. Being the champion of the bodybuilding industry by winning the coveted Mr. Olympia championship seven times in his career, he had left a legacy behind that would become an inspiration for generations to come, may it be bodybuilding or working through hardships in the world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger during his prime bodybuilding days
Arnold Schwarzenegger during his prime bodybuilding days

And after gaining everything that the sport had to offer, he was given an opportunity to stop into the entertainment industry to further conquer everything it had to offer. While many look at him and become instantly intimidated by his hulking physique, the star is a blast to be around, which his friends from the industry can confirm. During his time filming on the set of Twins, the actor recalled an incident in which his co-star and good friend Danny DeVito stuffed his cigar with something special that would lighten his mood a bit too much.

The Time Danny DeVito Pranked Arnold Schwarzenegger WIth Marijuana

Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins
Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins

With almost half of his life dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding and Hollywood, superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger has made many memories as well as many friends that helped them create those memories. Whether they be from the world of sports or the entertainment industry, all of them have been constant supports to the Terminator star. And just like good friends, they have done all kinds of things and played all kinds of pranks on each other over the years.

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But one of these pranks by his friend Danny DeVito might’ve become a serious problem. During the shoot for the comedy/drama film Twins, DeVito came up with the plan to sneak some marijuana weed into Schwarzenegger’s iconic stogie. Oblivious to extra content added by Jumanji: The Next Level star, he smoked it, causing him to get high. And during the entire day of the shoot thereafter, he found himself forgetting his dialogues. When the film’s director Ivan Reitman came to know about it, he took it as a joke and adjusted the shots according so that Schwarzenegger may take quick glances at his line during the shoot.

Schwarzenegger later revealed that he was fortunate that the movie was not directed by James Cameron, who has a reputation for being the boss on the set with very strict work ethics and schedules. In an edition of his monthly newsletter, he said:

“We were lucky this was on Ivan’s movie… because if this ever happened on a Jim Cameron film, we would have been in real trouble.”

But after 30 years of that incident, the Predator star tried to prank DeVito with the same tactic, but to his disappointment, DeVito smelled out the extra ingredient that he had added to it before he took a smoke.

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What’s Next For Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in a still from Terminator: Dark Fate
Arnold Schwarzenegger in a still from Terminator: Dark Fate

After his latest appearance in Tim Miller’s Terminator: Dark Fate, Schwarzenegger has now set his sights to work with his former director James Cameron again in the blockbuster Avatar Franchise. Leaving The Expendables franchise after the third installment, the actor has shown interest in being featured in the next Avatar movies. As for what he’s up to next, we will see Arnold Schwarzenegger in Amazon’s Outrider, a Western series about a ruthless Marshall and a deputy teaming up to track a legendary outlaw.

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Terminator: Dark Fate, now available on TNT

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