If This Naruto Theory is True, Then Madara Uchiha Finally Had the Last Laugh by Sleeping With Hashirama Senju’s Wife to Sire an Akatsuki Member

Hashirama Senju had every right to hate Madara Uchiha.

If This Naruto Theory is True, Then Madara Uchiha Finally Had the Last Laugh by Sleeping With Hashirama Senju’s Wife to Sire an Akatsuki Member


  • Naruto Shippuden ended seven years ago but that does not stop the fans from formulating new fan theories that can blow everyone's mind.
  • The latest one claims that Mito Uzumaki had an extra-marital affair with Madara Uchiha, without Hashirama Senju's knowledge.
  • The couple gave birth gave to a son and named them Nagato Uzumaki, and Madara Uchiha plan the Fourth Great Ninja War based on his son.
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Naruto is one of the Big Three of anime. Masashi Kishimoto’s magnum opus is still at the peak of its popularity even though it ended almost seven years ago. Naruto Uzumaki’s journey from being a village outcast to the Hero of the village still brings tears to the eyes of anime lovers. It is a generational anime and will always have a place in the fans’ hearts.


Due to its immense popularity, there were several fan theories surrounding different characters and situations. The anime ended, but still, the fans keep on bringing up new theories. One of the latest theories that caught the attention of the audience is surrounding Hashirama Senju’s wife, Mito Uzumaki. It looks like she raised one of the strongest Akatsuki members.

The Ghost of Uchiha Had An Affair With Mito Uzumaki

old madara uchiha
Old Madara Uchiha (Credit: Studio Pierrot)

Madara Uchiha was Hashirama Senju’s closest friend, but in the end, they were fated to fight due to them being the reincarnations of Indra and Ashura. While Hashirama Senju was victorious in both fights, it was the Ghost of Uchiha who had the last laugh. There is a popular Naruto theory that states that Hashirama’s wife, Mito Uzumaki, had an affair with Madara Uchiha and bore him a son.


Nagata was their son, and the theory has enough evidence to prove it. Both Nagata and Mito were from the Uzumaki clan. But considering their age, Madara and Mito were old when Nagata was conceived. Even though it seems too far-fetched, it can be done in real life. Moreover, Mito Uzumaki was a jinchuriki, which gives her more weight on this matter. The affair was mostly done behind Hashirama’s back.

Nagato Uzumaki (Credit: Studio Pierrot)

Madara Uchiha told Obito that his eyesight had become weak with age. But it might not be the case since he unlocked the Rinnegan, and canon failed to show that his eyesight improved with it. It needed a sure-shot plan to work out. He could not just implant the Rinnegan in any kid and hope for everything to fall back in place.

Nagata, being the offspring of a Uchiha and a Uzumaki, carried the genes to bear the Rinnegan. So, Madara Uchiha carefully implanted the Rinnegan in him and the rest was carried out by Nagato. Due to it being a great plan, the Rinnegan ultimately ended up with Madara Uchiha.


Naruto Fans Always Come Up With The Best Theories

mito uzumaki - naruto
Mito Uzumaki (Credit: Studio Pierrot)

The theory of Nagata being the son of Madara Uchiha and Mito Uzumaki is pretty interesting. Due to the red hair, he chose to have his mother’s name. Taking the Uchiha name would cause trouble for him. To stay out of the radar, he slowly progressed and got his strong enough to control the Rinnegan. But by suffering the death of his best friend, he used it as a means to significantly use his feelings to boost his powers.

The evidence on the table is hard to ignore, but unfortunately, Naruto ended seven years ago, and there is no way to confirm it. It is either through Masashi Kishimoto’s official statement or through Boruto that it can be confirmed. At the end of the day, it is still a fan theory, so it might remain interesting on pen and paper and not in reality.

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