“If we didn’t spend ninety percent of our time d**king around”: Ryan Reynolds’ Confession about Dwayne Johnson is Proof We Need Red Notice 2

Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson's bond screams for one more Red Notice

“If we didn’t spend ninety percent of our time d**king around”: Ryan Reynolds’ Confession about Dwayne Johnson is Proof We Need Red Notice 2


  • Ryan Reynolds says he and Johnson spent 90% of Red Notice shoot laughing
  • Both actors admit to constant attempts to make each other break character
  • Their chemistry and friendship shows the need for a Red Notice sequel
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Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson lit up the screen together in 2021’s action-comedy hit Red Notice. But according to the duo themselves, they spent more time laughing together behind the scenes than actually working. Now, their admissions of nonstop giggles and attempts to crack each other up are making fans desperate for a Red Notice 2.


Ryan Reynolds’ and Dwayne Johnson’s On-Set Antics Prove We Need a Red Notice Sequel

Red Notice
Red Notice

According to Cheat Sheet, in May 2020 interviews, both Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson told Jimmy Fallon just how much fooling around went on during the Netflix production. Reynolds joked that if it wasn’t for their constant “d**king around,” they could have finished filming before the COVID-19 shutdown. Meanwhile, Johnson confessed Reynolds left him “bent over laughing so hard” with his endless tactics to break his co-star’s straight face.

So do their hilarious on-set antics prove we need another Red Notice installment centered around the charismatic criminal duo of Reynolds and Johnson? Many fans certainly think so.

Dwayne Johnson via Jimmy Kimmel
Dwayne Johnson via Jimmy Kimmel Live!

According to Reynolds, he would relentlessly mock Johnson in order to get the wrestler-turned-actor to lose his composure while shooting. After knowing Johnson for 15 years, Reynolds knew just how to push his buttons.

“I’ve known Dwayne for like 15 years so we tend to spend time trying to make each other laugh,” Reynolds told Fallon. “Just to make him break, I’ll just do his lines back to him but just like way faster. He just like – he’s gone.”

“I like to think that I’m a professional and that I’m disciplined…but I’ve never laughed so hard,” Johnson confessed. “We had the best time…I was bent over laughing so hard at him.”

Johnson wholeheartedly backed up Reynolds’ stories of their set shenanigans, telling Fallon just how hard he struggled not to give in to laughter thanks to his co-star’s jokes.

Does Their Playful Chemistry and Friendship Warrant Another Film?

Ryan Reynolds via The Tonight Show
Ryan Reynolds via The Tonight Show

Thanks to the pair’s longstanding friendship and natural rapport, Reynolds and Johnson lit up the screen with vibrant chemistry and humor that left fans begging for more. After years of anticipation, viewers finally got to see the two A-listers join forces, and the result did not disappoint.


But after the wild success of Red Notice, which became one of Netflix’s most-watched original films ever, one adventure somehow doesn’t seem enough. Reynolds and Johnson displayed endless charismatic energy playing off each other, whether trading jabs or chasing down priceless treasures.

If their off-screen relationship is any indication, the action stars love partnering up just as much as fans love seeing their camaraderie unfold. And moviegoers agree: more Reynolds/Johnson content is a must, preferably in Red Notice sequel form.

Luckily, the film’s end left the door open for the criminal bromance to continue. So whenever Reynolds finishes his acting break, we can only hope he and Johnson reconvene to deliver Red Notice 2 and bring back their electric pairing for a second round. After hearing about their unbreakable bond and endless laughs behind the scenes, movie magic happens when these two team up.


Red Notice is available on Netflix.


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