“If you do that again, you’re outta here”: Brad Pitt Humiliated Himself for a SAG Card in Charlie Sheen Movie That Became an $8M Bomb

Brad Pitt Humiliated Himself for a SAG Card in Charlie Sheen Movie That Became an $8M Bomb

It is a bit hard to believe that even Brad Pitt had to struggle a lot before making it big in the showbiz. Before Pitt became a household name and a Hollywood sensation, the actor had to take up small roles here and there and even sometimes be an extra on set in the hopes of becoming an A-lister. Although all his hard work and determination eventually paid off, all the stories of his early days now make good interview conversations.

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Thus, while the actor was honored at the 35th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, he took the time to pause and reflect on how far he has come since his starting years as an actor. During the interview, the actor thus, shared some valuable untold stories of his early days.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt Got Himself Into a Pickle for a SAG Card!

While looking back with a full heart at his long and illustrious career, the Hollywood sensation Brad Pitt recalled a then-scary-now-funny incident of his first time at a professional film set. And it was at none other than the 1987 Charlie Sheen film, No Man’s Land. The actor appeared for a brief moment as a waiter in a party scene for the commercial flop.


While the aspiration to make it big was a big reason turns out, it wasn’t enough, instead his longing for a SAG card compelled him to try something daring. Thus, in a desperate attempt to get a SAG card, the actor thought of improvising a line in his zero-line part which almost got him fired. As reported by Collider, he stated,

“I was just so excited to be there. I did extra work for about a year and a half, maybe two years. There was this catch-22. To get your SAG card, you had to have a line, but to have a line you had to have your SAG card. So, there was this Charlie Sheen/DB Sweeney movie, and I was an extra. It was a big dinner scene, and they pulled me out to be the waiter.”

Brad Pitt in the Charlie Sheen movie, No Man's Land
Brad Pitt as a waiter in the Charlie Sheen movie, No Man’s Land

He then further continued stating,


 “I was supposed to pour champagne and I thought, “I’m gonna try it!” And so, I poured Charlie’s glass. They were having a big conversation. I poured the next actor’s glass. And then, there was a young woman on the end and I poured her glass, and then I went, “Would you like anything else?” I heard the 1st AD yell, “Cut! Cut!” He came over to me and said, “If you do that again, you’re outta here!” So, I didn’t get it.”

Despite his efforts to make it as subtle as possible, he could not make it through all the way. And ultimately did not succeed in his plan to acquire a SAG card. Years later, all his relentless efforts came to fruition and thus he still remains thankful to the movie for technically being his debut film to this day.

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Brad Pitt Worked for Two Years as an Extra Before Making It Big in Hollywood

The actor Brad Pitt has been in the industry for quite some time, and thus in order to make a name, he worked as an extra on sets for two years before he got his big break. As he stated in the SBIFF interview reported by Collider,

 “I actually got a job, and then went back and did extra work because it was Less Than Zero, the film with Robert Downey, Jr.”

Brad Pitt as JD in a still from Thelma and Louise
Brad Pitt as JD in a still from Thelma and Louise

Pitt was then taken under an acting coach named Ray London’s wing, who made many big names in the industry, and the actor expressed his gratitude for the opportunity. As he said,


“I did. It took me a bit to find someone that really spoke to me, and I found a brilliant guy named Ray London, who’s no longer with us. He shaped a lot of people’s careers, like Hank Azaria, Geena Davis and Sharon Stone. I was really lucky to land there, and he really pointed me in a nice direction.”

Pitt’s significant breakthrough came with Thelma and Louise, instantly making him a heartthrob across the nation, and he hasn’t looked back since.

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Source: Collider


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