‘If you’re a nerd in the valley…it’s not good’: Cobra Kai Director Hayden Schlossberg Hints Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai Will Scare All the Nerds into Joining Miyagi-Do

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As Cobra Kai is gearing up for the release of its fifth season in a few days, we get to know some exciting details from the director of the show. The director of the show Hayden Schlossberg recently revealed in an interview that the character of Terry Silver with his Cobra Kai will return in a more fierce way in the upcoming season. After the events that followed in season 4, it was evident that the show in order to maintain its name had to set everything up one step higher than the last season.

Cobra Kai Season 5
Cobra Kai is back with Season 5

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The nerds need to be afraid of Terry Silver

The last season of Cobra Kai featured a mind-blowing return of Terrance “Terry” Silver who was an integral part of The Karate Kid 3. The character played by Thomas Ian Griffith got full control of the biggest dojo of the valley and is probably stronger than ever.


According to the director of the show, Hayden Schlossberg the Cobra Kai of Terry Silver is the strongest dojo of the valley and the nerds who will be new to the valley need to be afraid of it:

“Nerds are really going to be in trouble in season 5 because Terry’s now running the valley and you know Cobra Kai is stronger than ever so if you’re a nerd in the valley you’re probably going to get well I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s it’s it’s not good yeah. You got to be careful”

On the other hand, Daniel and Johnny not getting well with each other, and John Kreese with his vow of getting revenge on Terry Silver will make the upcoming season something worth waiting for.

Terry Silver in Cobra Kai 5
Terry Silver

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What do we know about season 5 yet?

At the end of season 4, we saw Cobra Kai defeats the Eagle Fang and Miyagi Do. Even though it was later revealed that they didn’t abide by the legal ways to win instead Terry Silver bribed the referee. Following that during the celebration of Cobra Kai’s win, Silver gets John Kreese arrested on false grounds as a result of which he is in control of the full dojo now and also the strongest in the valley.

Cobra Kai season 5
William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence

Although it feels like the Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang have nothing much to do after their crushing defeat against Cobra Kai, it is also to be remembered that the fight was not at all fair, and, surely, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence will return in full form to save the valley. Now it will be interesting to watch how the character and their dynamics go with Silver after they find out what he did at the Tournament.


Cobra Kai season 5 will premiere on Netflix on September 9, 2022

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