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IKEA Shares How To Build 6 Types Of Furniture Forts During Quarantine

None of us ever imagined that this year would bring such miserable events with itself the year 2020 has really been a fair share of major historic events in the last few months. Starting with The Australian bushfires on January 2, then Who being notified for Covid-19 on January 7, then the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump begins on January 16, Then the sudden death of Kobe and his daughter Gigi Bryant on January 26 in a helicopter crash and then on March 11 WHO declares the coronavirus a pandemic. So much from this year 2020 in just three months, and due to this pandemic the whole world is suffering a major lockdown. But despite of all this quarantine and lockdown many companies have built some way or the other for us to enjoy at our homes while being safe. Everyone especially kids are becoming bored, day by day due to all this. But Parents don’t you worry anymore as IKEA Russia has got your back. It’s a new campaign bringing back our childhood adventures indoors. It is created by an agency called Instinct, having cool structures to be built like tents, castles, forts, to help you are your child get through this pandemic.

1 The Castle:

2 The Fortress:

3 Wigwam:

4 The Normal House:

5 Campingtent:

6 The Cave:

The instruction manual suggests how everyday items like blankets, bedspreads and chairs, can be used to build some awesome hideaways. And the best part about it is one can easily replace the IKEA furniture with what-ever they want.

Some People Have Already Started Making These Hideaways:

Some Remarkable Comments On This Campaign

Source: Li Nefas and Rokas Laurinavičius

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