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“I’ll be first in line to see anything he does”: Kevin Feige Proves MCU/DC Rivalry Means Nothing to Him As Marvel Studios President Hypes Up James Gunn As DCU Head

Kevin Feige and James Gunn

Whenever it comes to rivalries, the world just splits into two, with each side supporting its chosen representative. Throughout time, there have been a lot of head-turning rivalries within the comic book universes, but none so grand as the publishers of these comic books themselves. DC Comics and Marvel Comics have been the two most dominant forces in the comic book industry, and have gone on to become somewhat unignorable entities that consciously or unconsciously have been trying to one-up each other ever since their existence.

Marvel vs. DC
Marvel vs. DC

Well, now this rivalry has shifted onto a whole other level with James Gunn switching sides with DC Films.

Surprisingly though, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige doesn’t seem to mind it at all, going so far as to indirectly state that the so-called rivalry means nothing to him.

Kevin Feige Doesn’t Believe In A DC/MCU Rivalry

Ever since fans were shockingly greeted with the news about James Gunn joining hands with Peter Safran to accept the position of co-CEO in DC Films, the internet has been in frenzy with speculation about the future of these two behemoths, with the most obvious of them being the spark of rivalry that has been lit between former co-workers Kevin Feige and James Gunn. Fans have termed this the next great rivalry between these two comic book franchises on the entertainment front with two of the studios that have two of the biggest superhero cinematic universes under their control, now being helmed by two former colleagues from work.

James Gunn And Kevin Fegie
James Gunn and Kevin Feige now control DC Films and Marvel Studios Respectively

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However, we have yet to hear anything official from James Gunn about his future with the company, let alone the so-called rivalry. But Kevin Feige on the other hand has taken his friendly shot on the newly termed DC/MCU Rivalry, and his reaction on this topic was analyzed over and over again, coming to the same conclusion that he doesn’t think too highly of this rivalry. In a session during a press conference, Feige replied to a question from a Deadline reporter, and the answer was perceived with varying tastes by fans of the franchises.

We can clearly see Kevin Feige with a spark of curiosity and a nonchalant dig at James Gunn about how he still works under Feige till he is the director of the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3. After that, he admits that he will be on the lookout for what James Gunn cooks up for the DCU after he and Peter Safran take charge of the studios, implying that all of this is just part of the business. With this post, fans have taken to express their own opinions about the matter.

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What Does This Rivalry Mean To the Rest?

Is a Marvel vs. DC crossover possible
Is a Marvel vs. DC crossover possible

Returning to the start, as it is well-known that this rivalry is nothing new to the OG fans of these comic book publishers. There have always been heated debates about which superhero is stronger than the other from their respective verses, and which publications have the better characters in their arsenal since the dawn of comic books. This newly termed rivalry is just another way to fan the flames of popularity back into that standing rivalry through two professionals with a professional mindset to their work. It’s crucial to know that it may be true that one might try to best the other, but terms like “Rivalry” only exist due to the constant love and support of their fans, and their passion for the characters that these two have created.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, in cinemas on May 5, 2023

Source: @Deadline


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