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“I’ll Be Good, I Promise”: James Bond Candidate Henry Cavill Begged Tom Cruise To Do the Daunting Halo Jump in Mission: Impossible – Fallout Without Any Training

mission impossible fallout halo jump henry cavill

Henry Cavill is an indispensable force in Hollywood right now and his presence is only becoming increasingly paramount in importance with time. Having made waves as the Last Son of Krypton in the founding DCEU film, Man of Steel (2013), the 39-year-old is now one of the most sought-after actors in the industry. Currently, though, he is vying for the coveted role of James Bond, in the aftermath of Daniel Craig’s exit from the franchise.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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Henry Cavill’s HALO Experience in Mission: Impossible 6

It seems that Henry Cavill, the current leading candidate for Bond 26 has somewhat shadowed his fellow actor, Tom Cruise, and decided to perform a stunt of his own. The pair have worked together on Mission: Impossible — Fallout which, like most of its predecessors, is interspersed with high-octane action sequences one of which included performing a HALO jump from a C-17 and performing mid-air stunts.

Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise during the C-17 HALO jump sequence
Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise during the C-17 HALO jump sequence

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Cavill had then pitched the idea to Cruise to let him do the jump without a stand-in stuntman.

“I was very keen to do the HALO jump. But they wouldn’t let me do it. I was begging Tom, I was like, ‘Tom, just put me in coach. You know I’m here in the back of a C-17 with you, I have a parachute on and I’ve done some wind tunnel time. Just let me jump out. I’ll be good, I promise.'”

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Tom Cruise’s Perception of Fellow Actors Performing Stunts

The Top Gun: Maverick star, Tom Cruise, if not for his extensive contribution to Hollywood is known for his infinitely daring affinity to perform his own stunts, which range from flying fighter jets to hanging from a plane’s outer edge hundreds of feet up in the air to jumping off of the roofs of high-rises. Cruise’s ability to pull off each of these stunts has bestowed an honorary title to his name unachieved by any other.

A still from Mission Impossible - Fallout
A still from Mission: Impossible – Fallout

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However, when it comes to making the call about his fellow actors risking their necks, Cruise is somewhat more cautious while shouldering the decision without making sure they are properly trained and wouldn’t put themselves or the crew at risk. This reflects in his reply to Cavill’s request about performing the MI 6 HALO jump sequence. Cavill revealed that Tom Cruise had told him,

“Look, Henry, I know what you’re thinking, I know how you feel. I would feel the exact same way. But if you jump and we do the sequence in the air without you having hundreds of hours of training, you’ll probably kill everyone.” 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is now available for streaming on Netflix.

Source: Good Morning America

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