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“I’ll be making out with someone and all I can hear is..”: Emma Watson’s Dating Life Became a Nightmare After Working in 8 Harry Potter Movies

"I’ll be making out with someone and all I can hear is..": Emma Watson's Dating Life Became a Nightmare After Working in 8 Harry Potter Movies

Emma Watson rose to fame at an early age. She quickly became every Harry Potter fan’s crush due to her performance and character. Watson and Daniel Radcliffe’s dating life has always piqued people’s interest. They were occasionally tied together, and sometimes they were linked with other celebrities.

Emma Watson at an event
Emma Watson

 Their celebrity fame was a bonus in their lives, although Watson had many strange experiences on dates because of her movie Harry Potter

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Emma Watson explained how her Harry Potter movie was played during her date

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

When it comes to finding a date, Emma Watson is an old-school girl. She does not rely on dating apps to find a date. Watson previously stated that she does not use dating apps. Many people were surprised when Watson said this. The 33-year-old actor believes in meeting people through mutual connections and has always found dates this way. 

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Of course, no one can resist Watson’s charm, and her dates have frequently asked her whether she is the girl from the film Harry Potter. Such questions have been asked of her on many dates. The Little Women actress recalled one incident during an interview, she said,

“I’ll be making out with someone and then I am on the telly behind us. And all I can hear is the Harry Potter theme tune as I’m kissing someone, and I’m like, ‘Do I turn it off? Do I just ignore this? Is he thinking about this? Is it just me thinking about this? Maybe he doesn’t know what the Harry Potter theme tune sounds like. Maybe it’s just me.’”

Her Harry Potter co-star, like Watson, has had some strange experiences as a result of his Harry Potter fame. When Daniel Radcliffe was on a date, he was approached by admirers, which he thought was very weird. 

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Emma Watson was reportedly dating Brandon Green

Emma Watson at an event
Emma Watson at an event

Many people assumed Watson was dating her Harry Potter co-star Radcliffe, but they were never more than pals. Watson was into Brandon Green. Watson has reportedly kept her relationship with Green a secret. Green is the famous businessman Philip Green’s son. Green and Watson first appeared together in 2021. There were also reports that their relationship had recently become strained. As per reports Green and the 33-year-old actress were deeply in love. 

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There were numerous rumors about their breakup making waves on the internet. Both Green and Watson never confirmed their relationship. Watson wants to keep her romance private since she is a very private person. As they became more serious about each other, the actress met Green’s parents, and Green met Watson’s family. Still, there is no confirmation if the couple is still together or if they have parted ways. 

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