“I’ll do it again!”: Martin Freeman Defended Hitting His Kids With Former Partner, Claimed He Was at the ‘End of His Rope’

'Breeders' star Martin Freeman admitted his parenting hardship, said that he used to smack his kids.

“I’ll do it again!”: Martin Freeman Defended Hitting His Kids With Former Partner, Claimed He Was at the ‘End of His Rope’


  • Martin Freeman revealed the dark side of his parenting, saying that he used to smack his kids while he was impatient.
  • The 'Sherlock' actor also admitted calling his children "little f*ckers" on numerous occasions.
  • Freeman co-created and appeared in the British dark comedy 'Breeders', which is loosely based on his parenting experiences.
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FX and Sky One show Breeders extended for four seasons starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard in the lead. The hilarious British dark comedy takes a dig at parenting with satirical twists and turns of events that make the show even more engrossing. Created by Freeman with Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell, the show is based on Freeman’s own experiences.

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Martin Freeman in Breeders. Credit: FX.

In the event of the show’s promotion, Freeman candidly revealed the dark side of his parenting as he admitted that he smacked his kids and used swear words on numerous occasions. With subtle remorse, however, the Sherlock actor admitted that it was a very wrong thing to do.


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Martin Freeman Admitted to Hitting His Kids

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Martin Freeman as Paul in Breeders. Credit: FX.

Martin Freeman has been crowned with several accolades, including an Emmy, a BAFTA, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe nomination for his remarkable prowess as an actor. However, his personal life was not heading the way it was supposed to. Freeman said that he smacks his kids while calling them “little f*ckers.”


“One of the rules is, don’t smack your kids or call them little f*ckers. But, you know, I’ve done both. I’ve probably smacked twice, but I’ve called them little f*ckers more than twice. I know I’m not supposed to do it, but there are so many images about how [parenting] all just has to be brilliant that it makes people feel bad,” Freeman told The Times.

Adding further on parenting, Freeman added, “Because it’s not brilliant. I mean, it is – it’s the best thing I’ll do. But that doesn’t mean it’s not really hard.” Obviously, parenting is hard even for celebrities, but the Marvel star went to the extent of smacking his kids, which even the actor admitted was terrible.

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Martin Freeman Struggled With Parenting

Martin Freeman in Breeders
Martin Freeman in Breeders. Credit: FX.

Patience is the word that would go missing in parenting, in most cases anyway, and it certainly includes Freeman’s parenting. Freeman and his former partner Amanda Abbington were together from 2000 to 2016 and share a son and a daughter. The 52-year-old stated that it is hard to rationalize anything while parenting. “This idea you only ever rationalise with a toddler? Genuinely, good luck. If you can do that, God go with you. Amazing.”

“Obviously, it’s a good idea not to hit your kids. But at some point you’re going to do things wrong and, 20 years on, your kids are going to ask why you did that. It’s inevitable. And with smacking – I’m not proud I did that, but I have. I don’t think it’s a policy. And I’ll do it again!”

It is relatively strenuous to defend Freeman, even for himself. However, the actor stressed on being difficult to rationalize during “end of my rope.” Regardless, Freeman’s parenting gave birth to Breeders, an acclaimed dark comedy embedded with satire. 


All four seasons of Breeders are available to stream on Hulu.

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