“I’ll never forget this”: Deadpool 3 Star Hated Kissing Ben Affleck’s Ex In $175K Movie, Admitted He’d Have Never Kissed Her First

Deadpool 3 Star Hated Kissing Ben Affleck's Ex In $175K Movie, Admitted He'd Have Never Kissed Her First
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Deadpool 3 is currently filming and it is expected to have pressed the throttle hard on the action now as the set photos have revealed the comeback of one of X-Men franchise’s most loved heroes. 


The adamantium claw-wielding Hugh Jackman’s Logan will be seen slicing the baddies in the upcoming threequel, but that’s not all that he has done with his film career.

He once appeared alongside Ben Affleck’s (Argo) ex-wife, who will also be seen in Deadpool 3 portraying her long-lost Marvel character Elektra. 

Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner in Butter (2011)
Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner in Butter (2011)

Jennifer Garner’s Elektra was released in 2005 and it’s after almost two decades that the audience would get to see her back in action with once co-star Hugh Jackman. The duo once had to film an awkward intimate scene in the $175 million indie film Butter (2011).

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Hugh Jackman’s Embarrassing Scene With Jennifer Garner

Hugh Jackman shared the tale of his embarrassment with Pop Sugar, according to Yahoo News. Although he showed his gratitude toward Deadpool 3 co-star for choosing him to play Boyd Bolton, he could never forget the awkwardness of the lovemaking scene in the car.

Hugh Jackman as Boyd Bolton
Hugh Jackman as Boyd Bolton

“There was one scene where we make out in a car, but it’s never seen, you can only hear it. So I’ll never forget this – the sound guy, the director, me, and Jen Garner got in a car to make making love sounds.”

Deadpool 3’s Hugh Jackman further highlighted that the scene had some weird complications due to which both the stars had to take turns.

“I’m really glad she went first because I never would’ve gone as far as she did unless she had gone first. I don’t think I’ve ever been more embarrassed in my life.”

Jennifer Garner on the other hand corroborated Hugh Jackman’s views on the scene with an even stronger feeling.

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Jennifer Garner’s Horrific Experience With Deadpool 3 Co-Star

Around the time the film was released, Jennifer Garner had been expecting her third child, whom she gave birth to in the following year. With that baby bump, she gave an interview to E News about her unforgettably “horrifying” experience.

Jennifer Garner set to return in Deadpool 3
Jennifer Garner as Laura Pickler

“Of course, it was like the first day we worked together,” Garner told. “It’s always like that. It’s always like, ‘It’s nice to meet you, now let’s moan and groan.’ I’m such a huge fan of his,” she giggled. “It was so horrifying.”

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Jennifer Garner played Laura Pickler who wanted to be a winner at the butter carving contest. Hugh Jackman’s Boyd Bolton was the college sweetheart that she recruited to achieve her dreams. The two will now save the day in Deadpool 3.


Butter packed a solid cast with Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone, and Ty Burrell who played Bob Pickler (Laura’s husband).

Butter is available to watch on multiple streaming platforms.

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