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Doctor Strange 2 Theory: Illuminati of Earth-838 Are Dictators

With its various realms and the theories that go along with them, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has opened a whole new world in the MCU’s narrative. Furthermore, these universes also have fresh versions and teams made up of the heroes from those worlds. This was confirmed when Doctor Strange visited  Earth-838. Each member of the Illuminati there had given up a certain amount of their morality to become capable of making the difficult decisions. However, many fans now believe that their acts of murder may have turned them into dictators. Here’s how:

A poster of Doctor Strange 2 which had the Illuminati.
A poster of Doctor Strange 2.

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Doctor Strange’s interaction with the Illuminati:

Doctor Strange judged by the Illuminati
Doctor Strange judged by the Illuminati.

As Doctor Strange met the Illuminati on Earth-616, he discovered that these characters were so focused on the wider context of things that they missed the significance of the situations in front of them. The core problem here was how quickly some of them embraced the notion of killing Strange. However, the reason for this was because this was not the first Strange that they had intended to murder. In their universe, Doctor Strange employed the Darkhold to defeat Thanos, but became corrupted in the process and initiated an incursion. After defeating Thanos, the Illuminati agreed that the best approach was to use Black Bolt’s strength to kill Strange so he wouldn’t risk another incursion.

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Illuminati: Heroes or Villains?

The Illuminati from Marvel comics.
The Illuminati from Marvel comics.

One half of the Illuminati appeared to undergo a moral conundrum while executing Strange, but the other half appeared to become more determined to do whatever was necessary. Since Reed Richards had understood the worth of life firsthand via his own family, he appeared to be more empathetic than the others at this time. Black Bolt was seen reflecting while also displaying intense regret after killing Strange. Captain Marvel was unable to look at Strange’s passing, which indicated that she preferred not to witness the more difficult decisions she made. Captain Carter came to the conclusion that their decision must be appropriate if there is no other option. And lastly, Mordo probably didn’t feel quite as badly about Strange’s passing as he made it sound, which 616’s Strange also recognised.

Given that killing a friend shouldn’t be so simply overlooked, all of these responses appear to have developed over time by making similar choices. Sure, one h alf of them were probably doubting their real purpose, but the other was just one step away from evilness. Another way to look at this is to say that by killing the Doctor Strange from earth-838, they were transformed from heroes into murderers. Additionally, it suggests that they may have been killing people from other universes; possibly, other Doctor Stranges had already visited the Illuminati.  Thus, now, it’s for you to decide; Illuminati: Superheroes or Dictators?

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