Illuminati Movie In Development At Marvel Studios

Illuminati Movie In Development At Marvel Studios
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The Illuminerdi has revealed that Marvel Studios is working on adding an Illuminati movie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


At the moment, the MCU is on hold thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, but things are hopefully going to kick off with either Black Widow or The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series. Black Widow is aiming for a November release, whilst The Falcon and The Winter Solider has just been confirmed to miss out on its original August release.


Currently, Phase Four of the MCU is said to consist of eight movies and eight series on Disney+. However, several projects included in Phase Five are already in active development, including the Blade movie.

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Marvel also needs to begin working in their new properties, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four.


But it also seems Kevin Feige and Marvel are working towards an onscreen adaptation of the Marvel Comics team, the Illuminati. The only details about this project so far is that Feige is obviously attached as a producer.


In the comics, the Illuminati is a team that consists of several of the Avengers. They work together secretly on some of the bigger threats in the Universe.


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Some of the members of the team have already been introduced in the MCU. Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is one of the most recognizable members of the group, alongside Tony Stark. Of course, Tony heroically sacrificed himself at the end of Avengers: Endgame, so it’s highly unlikely he will make this version of the team.

As well as those two characters, the Illuminati is made up of Namor the Submariner and Mr Fantastic. Professor X and Black Bolt are also members. None of these characters have obviously been introduced yet, so it’s hard to imagine many of them will make the MCU’s team.


Either way, it’s an exciting development and it will be interesting to see which heroes join this version of the Illuminati onscreen.

Source: The Illuminerdi

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