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“I’m a little promiscuous with who I main”: Ben Affleck is a Valorant Fan, His Favorite Agent is the Perfect Choice for Batman

Ben Affleck is a Valorant Fan, His Favorite Agent is the Perfect Choice for Batman

The 2023 Valorant Champions was a successful event and everyone involved had a memorable time in Los Angeles. The American esports organization, Evil Geniuses battled the final against their Singapore-based opponents, Paper Rex. Evil Geniuses won the final 3-1 becoming the first North American team to win the championship. The event was made even sweeter this year with a surprise guest who showed up and spoke at length about Valorant and his favorite agent.

Ben Affleck wasn’t the celebrity any of the visitors would have expected to meet at the event, so when he showed up and spoke about Valorant, it was quite a surprise. He also went on to reveal his Valorant agent and his disappointment about a certain agent getting nerfed.

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Valorant Patch 7.04 Nerfs Several Agents, Brings Changes to Skye and Jett

Screengrab from a Valorant Match
Screengrab from a Valorant Match

For many Valorant players, Jett has been one of the most popular duelists in Valorant, along with Skye who also has a wide range of abilities. In the recent patch update that landed on the 24th of this month, Riot Games decided to nerf both Skye and Jett to subdue their powers to almost the same level as other agents.

These are the nerfs that’s brought on Jett:

  • Jett’s “Dash” will have a reduced activation window going forward at 7.5 seconds, down from 12 seconds. There’s also a slight increase to the windup to 1 second which was 0.75 seconds earlier.
  • Cloudburst or “Smoke” will also get a shortened duration from 4.5 seconds to almost half that of 2.5 seconds. Jett will also take longer to equip a weapon every time she uses her smoke.
  • Updraft charges have also been reduced from 2 to 1.
  • It will also now cost 8 points for Blade Storm (Ultimate) which was at 7 points earlier.

Skye nerfs are explained below:

  • Skye will see her Guiding Light (Flash) duration reduced slightly from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • The Trailblazer (dog) will see the overall health points (HP) come down from 100 HP down to 80 HP.
  • The Seeker’s (Ultimate) health used to be 150 before the patch, which is now being reduced to 120 HP. It will also cost a point more than it used to be before the patch at 8 points.

Other agents facing changes include Gekko, Killjoy, Breach, Brimstone, Fade, Omen, Sova, Astra, and Viper. These changes are bound to make players think twice during team set-ups, agent selection, performances, as well as win rates of players.

All other agents will also see themselves emerge just as strong, if not more, than Jett and Skye after the two got nerfed.

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Affleck Interacted With Valorant Voice Actors At The Event

Loading Screen of Episode 7 in Valorant
Loading Screen of Episode 7 in Valorant

Ben Affleck showed up at the 2023 Valorant Champions much to the surprise of everyone attending the yearly event. Affleck also interacted and posed for photos with Valorant‘s voice actors and he made his voice quite clear when interacted with Shannon Williams, the voice actor of Jett, expressing his disappointment about Valorant nerfing the character.

In the short clip seen above that was shared by Shannon Williams, Affleck could be heard saying “…but they nerfed Jett!” to which Shannon Williams responds by saying “I know!” expressing her own disapproval. The interaction between the two was quite wholesome, especially when everyone thought he was there just for the kids, but nobody could have guessed Affleck was a big-time player of the game.

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Ben Affleck Revealed His Valorant Main At The Event

Ben Affleck's Main Agent in Valorant, KAY/O
Ben Affleck’s Main Agent in Valorant, KAY/O

Ben Affleck also spoke at the event and revealed his Main Agent in the game is KAY/O and at times Raze as well, as he said he’s quite promiscuous when it comes to choosing his Main.

In the clip shared above, Affleck can be seen revealing his Valorant Agent, KAY/O and at times, RAZE and it shouldn’t be as big a surprise to Valorant players. KAY/O is an Initiator Agent in the game and the war machine is built to neutralize radiants. KAY/O suppresses the enemy’s abilities and dismantles the opponent’s capacity to fight back, giving him and his allies the ultimate edge needed in intense battles. Much like his on-screen character, Batman, the gadget-wielding superhero who leads his team and suppresses the enemies to give his Justice League team an advantage in battles, his pick of KAY/O is almost the perfect Main for him.

Valorant‘s latest patch is now live globally and with the two major characters getting nerfed, the battles will only get more intense.


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