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“I’m actively working on this”: Showtime CEO Confirms More Dexter Projects in the Works After Conclusive New Blood Storyline

dexter new blood season showtime ceo david nevins

There has been plenty of rumors from fans and critics about Showtime’s Dexter return after New Blood became the network’s most viewed series of all time. Now the main question is the finale felt like the end of the journey for the series, but can Showtime make the franchise carry on? And the answer is yes, it will be certainly revived according to the recent news regarding the future of the franchise.

Dexter: New Blood season 1
Dexter: New Blood season 1

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This show is an absolute hit with a 10-episode run averaging around 8 million viewers in a week. The success of New Blood along with the series Yellowjackets helped in the biggest increase in new Showtime subscriptions last year. Reports say there’s a possibility of a spinoff centered on Dexter’s son Harrison.

Will Dexter: New Blood Get a Season 2?

Showtime confirms a potential New Blood season 2
Showtime confirms a potential New Blood season 2

New Blood’s conclusion showed that the younger Morgan did not share his father’s traits of blood lust. But Harrison may have to deal with his violent side and the trauma of witnessing his mother’s death, although the character doesn’t appear to be driven to kill. Still, there’s a large amount of audience who expects to see more blood, gore and kills. Removing this factor from the show would make this very different, and fans of Dexter may not want to follow his son.

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Luckily, Showtime thinks there’s a potential future. According to DexterDaily, David Nevins opened up to The Hollywood Reporter that he’s “actively working on” a potential Dexter franchise. And a Twitter post also reported to Sky News that Showtime viewed New Blood as a “rebirth of the franchise”, indicating the future of the series.

Showtime Confirms the Future of the Dexter Franchise

New Blood season 1 scene
New Blood season 1 scene

Using a character that the audience is already familiar with and carries a huge fanbase would make some of the wilder aspects of the series run more smoother. Showtime CEO David Nevins also shared:

“There are a lot of things that I am working on, I don’t want to mention things until they are ready. There are a lot of things. What is the future of the Dexter franchise? I am actively working on that.”  

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Showtime seems to be exploring the idea of a spinoff and the future of the franchise as it would carry the definitive ending to the story, and there’s always an open way to extend the franchise if the network wants it.

Dexter: New Blood was released on Nov 07, 2021. You can watch the series via Hulu (Free trial).


Written by Shreeparna Das