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‘I’m convinced no one directed this movie’: Fans Troll $340M Fast X after Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron Shot Fight Scene With No Director

'I'm convinced no one directed this movie': Fans Troll $340M Fast X after Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron Shot Fight Scene With No Director

After almost two decades of giving nothing but absolute blockbusters to the Hollywood industry, the end of the Fast and Furious franchise is finally here with the announcement of the upcoming Fast X which would see Dominic Torreto and the rest of the gang taking on a foe that was invisible to them for this long.

A poster for Furious 7
A poster for Furious 7

And thus, every single member of the star-studded franchise is here to give it their all for the upcoming film. In the midst of the film being promoted tirelessly, Michelle Rodriguez has also decided to reveal some juicy titbits about what went on behind the scenes during the shoot. One incident in particular from the sets might have the opposite effect though.

Michelle Rodiguez Gets Trolled For Revealing Details About Fast X

Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez

With the release date for the upcoming Fast X getting ever closer, people are getting more and more excited about witnessing the adventures of the Torreto family, which can very well be the last one. Thus, the franchise has obviously decided to take everything that it’s famous for and kick it up a notch in the upcoming film. That’s why star Michelle Rodriguez was excited to tell everyone about how the stars from the franchise have taken on challenges for themselves, although this particular one turned into a troll.

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During her interview with Vanity Fair about her recently released film Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the star was ecstatically talking about her current and upcoming projects in the industry, when the interviewer asked whether her co-star Charlize Theron had done as much action as she has in Hollywood. Rodriguez replied to this with an incident where both ladies choreographed an action scene without a director’s help on the sets of Fast X.

She said:

“Can I just tell you—no pun intended, but Charlize is a monster. We shot our [Fast X] fight sequence with no director.”

While this is an amazing feat to achieve for a star, the fans have taken a different route to this revelation, trolling online about how the previous director left the production while in the midst of shoots.

While everyone is taking this particular fact into their own perception, we would just have to wait and watch how the scene would turn out in the film.

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What To Expect From Fast X?

A still from the Fast X trailer
A still from the Fast X trailer

While everyone thought that The Fast Saga would be the final cog in the machine of the franchise, the trailer of the upcoming Fast X has revealed that it still has some gas in the tank for one last ride. Coming face to face with an all-new villain that has interfered with Torreto’s life on numerous previous occasions has finally been revealed, who will now seek out the crew and dismantle them one by one for vengeance.

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Fast X, in cinemas on 19 May 2023

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