“I’m glad it wasn’t shot”: Christian Bale’s Breakout $34M Movie Nearly Had James Gunn’s Trademark Style That Would’ve Left Fans Confused

"I'm glad it wasn't shot": Christian Bale's Breakout $34M Movie Nearly Had James Gunn's Trademark Style That Would've Left Fans Confused

Talk about the most harrowing, terrifying, bloody, yet comical movies of all time and Christian Bale’s breakout $34 million movie would make its way to the top. A movie about a moral-dead yuppie who goes on a murderous rampage as and when he pleases is so extreme that it takes a most horrendous comical turn.

Christian Bale's American Psycho is one of his most iconic movie ever
Christian Bale’s American Psycho is one of his most iconic movies ever

And Christian Bale being the talented actor that he is did an absolutely fantastic job portraying the psychopathic killer in what seems like a horrifying take on the capitalist world. While the movie could not have gotten any better, it was revealed that the movie’s original draft also contained a comical musical number at the end.

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Christian Bale’s American Psycho Nearly Had A James Gunn Trademark

Christian Bale's movie nearly ended like a James Gunn-film
Christian Bale’s movie nearly ended like a James Gunn film

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James Gunn movies and music go together like bread and butter. Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1, music has been an integral part of Gunn’s movies. Similar to how the first Guardians of the Galaxy ended with Peter Quill listening to the epic Ain’t No Mountain High enough or Quill’s iconic ‘dance off bro’ scene, Christian Bale‘s American Psycho almost had a similar ending.

In an interview, the writer of the book, as well as the creator of the initial screenplay Bret Easton Ellis, revealed how he was bored after reworking his comical thriller and hence decided to include a dance number.

“I think Barry Manilow’s “Daybreak” was playing, and there’s like Patrick Bateman sitting in the park talking to people, and then it ends on the top of the World Trade Center. A big musical number, very elaborate. I’m glad it wasn’t shot, but that kind of shows you where I was when I was writing the script. I was bored with the material.”

While his draft was disregarded, it would have been comically horrifying to have Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman break into a dance number at the end.

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Christian Bale Almost Missed His Iconic Breakout Role

Leonardo Di Caprio almost took away Bale's iconic role
Leonardo Di Caprio almost took away Bale’s iconic role

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman remains his most iconic character ever. It was through American Psycho that his acting genius was finally realized and he went on to earn the acclamation and fame that he now has. However, Bale nearly lost the role as already accomplished actors like Leonardo Di Caprio and Oliver Stone showed interest in starring as Bateman. Eventually, even the movie’s director Mary Harron was sidelined.

However, it was due to Bale’s persistence and dedication as well as Mary Harron’s stubbornness to cast the Dark Knight star as Bateman that resulted in Christain Bale retaining his maniac character.

You can stream American Psycho on Netflix.

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