“I’m glad that period of madness is over”: Colin Farrell Felt Disturbed By Fame in Hollywood Despite Choosing To Work in Big Budget Films

Colin Farrell is glad that now he isn't as famous as he used to be when he initially started his career in Hollywood

Colin Farrell Felt Disturbed By Fame in Hollywood Despite Choosing To Work in Big Budget Films


  • Colin Farrell is an actor known for being a part of many big budget movies that have gained acclaim
  • The actor shared that early on in his career he bagged many good roles repeatedly that shot him to fame
  • He claimed that he is glad that the part of his life, where he was immensely famous is over
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Colin Farrell is one of the most well-recognized faces in Hollywood. He has been a part of many critically acclaimed and massively successful projects like, The Banshees of Inisherin, The Batman, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, with which he has established himself as an exceptionally talented actor, who is willing to go above and beyond for the characters that he plays.

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

Through these works, he has earned quite a lot of fame, entering the mainstream media very early on in his career. Through this, comes along the recognisability, and invasiveness of the public eye. The actor has revealed, since then, that he wasn’t a big fan of this, but is happier now, that he is out of the spotlight.

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Everything Went Mad For Colin Farrell

Though many actors are extremely happy with the fame, that follows the profession when they work on projects that are extremely successful, some don’t feel the same way. Many actors, in the past, have spoken up about not liking how invasive it is to be in the public spotlight, having little to no personal life, and audiences, wanting to know anything and everything that is to know about them. Colin Farrell is among these actors, who talked about this during an interview with Variety.

Colin Farrell as Penguin
Colin Farrell as Penguin

“I don’t feel part of that at all. The whole fame thing and celebrity thing. I mean I really don’t. When I was lucky enough to get my first American film, and then it all went mad too fast for me and I had a period of maybe five or six years of incredible fame and recognisability and madness.”

The actor talked about how, initially in his career, there were a few years where he was very much in the center of the public eye. While this may be the dream for many actors, this was not the case for Farrell, who revealed that this was quite a difficult and challenging lifestyle for him to maintain.

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Colin Farrell Is Happy That It’s Over

Colin Farrell then went on to say in this Variety interview, that since then, the same has died down quite a lot, joking that there were some films that didn’t do as well as his past projects, resulting in the situation. While many would look at this as defeat and be extremely sad about it, Farrell had a different outlook.

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

“That since gone. Few films that didn’t quite work at the box office. Having films that are seen by audiences, if they are good and they connect, it is a wonderful thing. But, I’m glad that period of madness is over for me, and my life.”


The actor revealed that, though it is a great thing for a film to be seen by a vast number of people, and have them connect with the story, he does not mind the dimming of the spotlight at all. He explained, stating that he is happy that that period of chaos and madness in his life has come to an end, adding that he is glad that his life does not fit the model of what many would think, being a lot more peaceful in his own definition of the word.

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