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“I’m going to stick with Leo”: Without Hesitation Zendaya Rejected Harry Styles, Michael B Jordan and John Boyega For Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio

Without Hesitation Zendaya Rejected Harry Styles, Michael B Jordan and John Boyega For Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio

In a recent interview, actress Zendaya was asked to pick between Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan, and John Boyega to be her celebrity crush. Without any hesitation, Zendaya revealed she’s sticking with longtime heartthrob Leo as her top choice.


Having admired DiCaprio through childhood when first discovering romantic feelings, Zendaya built a powerful nostalgic bond with the Oscar winner that new celebrity crushes can’t replace. Their shared history in cinema forged her lasting crush.

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Zendaya’s Instant Connection to DiCaprio Since Childhood

When given the choice between current popular Hollywood leading men, Zendaya instantly selected the venerable dreamboat DiCaprio as her ultimate celebrity crush. “I’m going to stick with Leo. I’ve kind of been into Leonardo DiCaprio since I was young,” Zendaya declared in her first appearance on The Ellen show


Zendaya cited fondly growing up watching classic DiCaprio films like Romeo + Juliet and Titanic made her realize as a teenager, she said that Leo DiCaprio was the love of her life. Her enduring affection for the actor stems from nostalgic attachment thanks to those formative cinematic experiences.

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Respectfully Declines Current Heartthrobs

While acknowledging Harry Styles, Michael B. Jordan, and John Boyega’s strong appeal, Zendaya politely declined to switch allegiance from her Leo devotion. “They’re all great…but I gotta stay true to my heart on this one,” she affirmed in her first appearance on The Ellen talk show.

Though recognizing their talent and sex symbol status, Zendaya praised their work without wavering from her steadfast preference for DiCaprio as her top romantic choice. Her childhood affection formed an unbreakable bond.

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Loyalty to Meaningful Past Connection

For Zendaya, when it comes to weighing Hollywood heartthrobs, no current it-boy can compare to her powerful nostalgic attachment to Leonard DiCaprio. Her instant rejection of Styles, Jordan, and other contenders for Leo demonstrates admirable loyalty to that seminal crush


While newer attractive suitors keep arising, Zendaya chooses to remain devoted to the original Oscar winner who first sparked her adolescent romantic imagination and dreams of love. That poignant personal history overrides any temporary allure of flattering new options.

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When asked to decide between modern celebrity crushes or longtime love Leo DiCaprio, Zendaya’s instant selection reconfirmed her enduring affection for the actor. When asked to pick between Leo DiCaprio, Harry Styles, and Michael B. Jordan for her celebrity crush, Zendaya instantly chose loyal devotion to longtime heartthrob Leo based on their nostalgic cinematic history. Having idolized DiCaprio in classic films growing up, Zendaya formed a powerful nostalgic bond that withstands any tempting new Hollywood star. Her lifelong crush illustrates that for some stars, their romantic hold on our hearts remains timeless and unshakable regardless of changing times.

Source: The Ellen Show

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