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“I’m gonna bear hug the f*ck outta you”: Dwayne Johnson Gives a Fair Warning to Jamie Foxx After He Comes Clean About His Concerning Medical Condition

Dwayne Johnson Gives a Fair Warning to Jamie Foxx After He Comes Clean About His Concerning Medical Condition

Dwayne Johnson, the huggable teddy known for his warm smile and wrong emotes, does genuinely care for other actors. Jamie Foxx, who has been recovering from a medical condition got a tremendous amount of support from fans and The Rock.

Taking to his Instagram, Jamie Foxx revealed and thanked the tremendous amount of support from fans and family alike. In response, Dwayne Johnson and Will Smith also motivated the actor in the comments by giving words of love and support.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Will Give a Bear Hug To Jamie Foxx

The Django Unchained recently suffered a medical condition while working on the sets of Back in Action. The actor did not reveal the exact medical situation that he is facing but stated that he “went through something I thought I would never ever go through.”

Fandomwire Video
Jamie Foxx Spider-Man No Way Home
Jamie Foxx at the premiere of No Way Home

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In his Instagram video, Jamie Foxx was really grateful and humbled by the amount of love and support that he received from his fans. Thanking them, the actor said that “I cannot even begin to tell you how far it took me and how it brought me back”.  Foxx also received support from several of the celebrities who took to the comment section to motivate the actor and show their love and bonding.

In the Instagram video, Dwayne Johnson took to the comments section “I’m gonna bear hug the f*ck outta you when I see you again”. Not only Johnson, but Will Smith also commented beneath the video with an “Awww Man. Who’s cuttin’ onions?? Love U Foxx!! Your Light Is Needed ‘n Appreciated Right Now!”.

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Dwayne Johnson Allegedly Earns A Whopping $50 Million For A Single Role

Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

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The actor is all set to star alongside Chris Evans in Amazon’s holiday-themed action/comedy titled Red One. As per a report from Puck, the actor was reportedly paid a whopping $50 million for his role as Callum Drift in the movie.

The $50 million paycheck is by far the highest paycheck that Dwayne Johnson or any other actor has ever received for a single role. Not many details have been leaked to the public and it seems that the studio is keeping it under tight wraps for the audience’s maximum enjoyment. All we know is that alongside Johnson, the cast includes MCU star Chris Evans, J.K. Simmons, and more. The movie is set for a release date of sometime in December 2023 and looking at those paycheck numbers, fans have developed some high expectations for the Christmas movie.

Red One is set for a Christmas release later this year.

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