“I’m gonna fix that for you and now we’re in love”: Tom Holland Won Zendaya’s Heart At This Moment And It Has Nothing To Do With Being The Spider-Man

Tom Holland Won Zendaya's Heart At This Moment And It Has Nothing To Do With Being The Spider-Man
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Tom Holland and Zendaya are among the most talked about couples in Hollywood. Despite the two keeping their relationship a private affair, they can often be seen sharing little details with their fans. In a recent interview with UNILAD, the Spider-Man star revealed his love for DIY projects and how he once helped Zendaya with his creative skills early on in their relationship.

Tom Holland loves doing DIY projects
Tom Holland loves doing DIY projects

Just when we thought their relationship couldn’t get any cuter, Holland’s revelation has had fans swooning over how much of a gentleman the Onward star is.

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Tom Holland Impressed Zendaya With His Creative Skills

Tom Holland and Zendaya are Hollywood's most liked couple
Tom Holland and Zendaya are Hollywood’s most-liked couple

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If you are a fan of Tom Holland, you would most certainly know that the Spider-Man actor is a trained carpenter. Despite his success as a child actor, his mum decided to ship him off to a carpentry school as a backup plan. While Holland did not finish the entire course, he certainly learned a thing or two and goes around doing little DIY projects for his friends and family.

Early on in his relationship with the Dune actress, Tom Holland revealed that he once fixed her broken door and the two ended up falling in love to the point that they have moved in together. In a recent interview with UNILAD, the young British star spoke up about his love for carpentry and revealed the cute detail,


“Carpentry is just something I really enjoy. I love it. I’ve made my mom’s kitchen table, I made my mom’s office. I’ve built all the cupboards in my bedroom. I built a little birdhouse for my grandad. I fixed my girlfriend’s door once really early on in our relationship. I was hanging out at her house, and her door was broken. And I was like, ‘I’m gonna fix that door for you.’ And now, we’re in love.”

Just when the internet thought the Uncharted actor couldn’t get any more of a green flag, this tiny detail shows how caring the actor is.

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Zendaya And Tom Holland Have Moved In Together

Zendaya and Tom Holland fell in love on the sets of Spider-Man
Zendaya and Tom Holland fell in love on the sets of Spider-Man

It’s been seven years since Zendaya and Tom Holland met on the sets of their movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. The two didn’t start dating until 2021, but quickly became Hollywood’s golden coupe as soon as they made their relationship public. While the two like to keep their relationship away from the public eye, Zendaya revealed a cute detail about how it was to move in together,


“He is really good in the kitchen, which is fortunate as I am really accident-prone. We learnt early on that only one of us could be in the kitchen at a time, we are both control freaks so we can’t be in there together.”

Tom Holland and Zendaya are certainly made for each other and fans couldn’t have enough of their relationship.

You can stream the couple’s Spider-Man franchise on Disney+.

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