“I’m gonna go crazy”: Despite Being a Perpetual Bachelor, Jack Nicholson Was Lonely and Unhappy Without a Partner

“I’m gonna go crazy”: Despite Being a Perpetual Bachelor, Jack Nicholson Was Lonely and Unhappy Without a Partner

Besides his critical and commercial success in the film industry, Jack Nicholson also gained worldwide prominence for his notorious love life. The Batman actor has been involved with uncountable women in his career.


Despite being only married once, the eternal bachelor had six children with different partners. As expected, such a reckless life took a toll on the Oscar winner as he had repeatedly admitted his loneliness and felt sad over how most women had lost trust in him.

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson

Time after time, there have been innumerable articles on Jack Nicholson’s romantic pursuits. After his marriage life with The Terror co-star Sandra Knight ended, he was on a dating spree with some of the most renowned women in Tinseltown.

Often called Jack the Jumper, Nicholson has been involved with names such as Susan Anspach, Michelle Phillips, Angelica Houston, Rebecca Broussard, and countless others.

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Jack Nicholson’s personality was bound to affect him

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson with Sandra Knight

With his charismatic aura and undeniable charm, Jack Nicholson enjoyed a reckless life in his early days. He didn’t want to stop anytime soon and continued to have innumerable relationships.

After enjoying married life to Sandra Knight from 1962 to 1966, they divorced in 1968. Soon after that, he was embroiled in a controversy when his Five Easy Pieces co-star Susan Anspach made a shocking revelation publicly about having a son with Jack Nicholson.


Following that, he enjoyed a dating life with several other actresses and supermodels. However, such a personality was bound to hurt him. The Shining actor, who once dominated the tabloids for his dating life repeatedly admitted to feeling lonely and alone. After having a stormy love life, it took Jack Nicholson time to adapt to the loneliness around him.

“For a long time, I was afraid to be alone. I had to learn how to be alone. And there are still times when I think, Uh-oh! I gotta talk to somebody here or I’m gonna go crazy!”- Nicholson said to Esquire

Yet, the 86-year-old actor added that he has started to like being alone- “But I like to be alone. Now I do. I really do. There’s a big luxury in solitude.” Interestingly enough, as many fans expected, it was not the last time the actor spoke about the pain of ending up alone in old age.

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Jack Nicholson doesn’t want to die alone

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson yearns for one last romance

Among his numerous love affairs and short flings, there was Angelica Houston in the picture as well, with whom Jack Nicholson spent the longest time. Many fans were disappointed after the Joker fame broke his 17-years-long on-and-off relationship with The Addams Family actress. Being such a Hollywood heartbreaker, there came a phase in Nicholson’s life where he got absolutely nothing to hold on to.

Jack Nicholson, who earlier spoke of “luxury in solitude” was not in a mood to die alone and wanted some support in his last days. He admitted that he still yearned for a last romance. As reported by Closer,

“I would love that one last romance. But I’m not very realistic about it happening. What I can’t deny is my yearning.”

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A source close to the actor also added that the One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest actor didn’t want to die alone in his house- “He’s afraid of dying alone in that house”. Even though his children have advised him to move to a more feasible place, he doesn’t want to move away from his old place.

Source: Esquire / Closer


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